E.T. 30th Anniversary Poster Art

Have you seen this yet?  It got out earlier today and I gotta say I’m really digging it!!!

E.T. 30th Anniversary poster Blu Ray releaseE.T. tends to vacillate into my top 5 favorite flicks list every few years, and this new poster definitely has rekindled my enthusiasm for the Spielberg masterpiece.

Praise Jeebus!  Has it been 30 years since I saw E.T. at the Loew’s Paradise on the Grand Concourse in the Boogie Down Bronx?!?!?!?!?!?  30 years since a crying, 4 year old Jeff Ayers and his father were denied entry the day it opened as the movie had sold out multiple screenings?  The anniversary of one of the most cherished and vivid memories of my life… a little girl, around my age, who witnessed my dismay at having to wait to see it even offered us her and her father’s tickets.  We eventually declined and I calmed down enough to wait a day, but even if I live another 30 years I’ll never forget her empathy and kindness in that moment.

And that’s really what E.T. is, isn’t it?  A story of kindness and empathy that is just as impactful today as was the generous actions of a little girl on a gorgeous June morning in the Bronx in 1982.

I haven’t even researched which version (1982 or 2002) will be re-released, but I’ll not nitpick other than to say it’s the ‘82 version with an anniversary here.  That’s what should be focused on.

On another anecdotal note… I  wore Buster Brown E.T. sneakers until late 1984.  Who’s a cool guy?


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