Who leaves the crusts?

Check out the new T-Shirt company An Infinitude of Tortoises by one of my favorite customers… some weird, wild, and great stuff!  Make sure to search for “leaves the crust” for the answer.

An Infinitude of Tortoises:

• Something to Delight, Offend, And/Or Mystify Almost Everyone!
• Stuff Unlike Other Stuff!
• Transcendentally nerdy high esoterica intermingled with straightforward, rib-ticklin’ amusement.
• Overwhelmingly shirts, plus a few bumper-stickers for those with bumpers in need of sticking, and a couple dog garments for good measure, because we mustn’t forget the dogs.

At An Infinitude of Tortoises you’ll find designs for fans of …
• science fiction
• lexiphilia/logophilia/wordplay
• space exploration
• model rocketry
• software/programming
• mathematics
• physics
• entomology
• politics
• literature
• humor
• the “spatially misplaced”
• … and a bunch of other stuff impossible to categorize.

AND there’s at least one item that may well appeal to comics fans….

Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Tell your pets.  Tell your appliances, both major and minor.
Be on the vanguard; quell your arcane yearnings, your yearnings for arcana — go explore!

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