Fearless Dawn is Back!

Totally stoked on this! Steve Mannion’s sexy ass kicker Fearless Dawn is back in an all new one-shot adventure: The Secret Of The Swamp.  Makes me wanna brush off my copy of The Bomb and relive the whole thing again.

Once again our sexy heroine, Fearless Dawn, gets herself into a predicament she can’t get out of. Following a treasure map to find a secret elixir, Fearless Dawn travels deep within a murky swamp. Ignoring the warnings of Old Lady Flannigan, and hot on the trail of buried pirate booty, Fearless Dawn and her sidekick “The Masked Kid” get assaulted by the GIANT SWAMP CREATURE! Can our heroes make it out alive? This special one-shot issue includes daily strips, pin-ups, dossier files, and pencil art.

Thank You Asylum Press!

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