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  1. Dorian Skymaker

    I miss you man!
    I just put in a large order, I need some inspiration and Forbidden Planet is the number 1 place I miss the most from New York City, well besides spending most nights watching Ballet, It’s a Tie For First!


    Now I gotta go back into Narnia and dig for my “black and white editions” of The Tick Comics!!! Inspiringly funny, excellent illustrative expressions, flawless metaphorical candice and not to mention witty, puny, in a positivism vernacular unbeheld by sarcasam. No Offense to the sarcastic and sardonic, The Tick is fantastic light reading you can take with you and hold in your hands and share with friends around you. Anyone interested? Please do yourself the grandest favor and purchase a PRINTED Copy, I personally enjoy holding Comics in my hands and you will too!
    ~Dorian Skymaker

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