Forbidden Planet has MOLD!

New on the shelves at Forbidden Planet this week is the sci-fi, horror, comedy hybrid MOLD! Available at our web-store and on the center counter of the NYC store.

It’s the 1984. Reagan’s War on Drugs is struggling to produce the desired results. So a secret government project is underway to create a new weapon to combat the drug cartels. That weapon: a fast growing, genetically enginered strain of mold designed to wipe out columbian coca fields. The problem? It eats humans too! When the mold is suspeciously released int the lab, a group of scientists and government officials striggle to contain the rapidly spreading contagion before it can escape the lab and threaten the outside world

Neil Meschino’s Mold is a wild ride filled with all the goo, guts, slime and splats you’ve come to expect from a classic 80’s sci-fi horror flick… yet it’s brand spanking new. This baby has modern exploitation classic written all over it. Grab your copy now!

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