CHATTERBOX, this Saturday!

Saturday, January 14th at 11:30pm!


Saturday / January 14th, Midnight
Chatterbox! (presented by Horror Boobs)
Directed by Tom DiSimone
1977, 73mins, English

Things start getting a bit problematic for Penelope when her vagina begins to voice it’s own opinion. When she visits a shrink about her singing pussy, he convinces her to embrace it’s talent and become a star.  Will Penelope ever be able to find true love while living in the shadow of her popular private parts? Not if she can’t zip her lips!

Horror Boob’s throws you another curve ball for this month’s musical midnights with 1977’s Chatterbox… It speaks for itself. Directed by Tom DeSimone who brought us many mammary filled memories with classics such as REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS and HELL NIGHT, and staring eager to show her beaver Candice Rialson of PETS and HOLLYWOOD BLVD fame.  The Tit Patrol couldn’t possibly keep this goofy take on France’s 1975 film PUSSY TALK concealed so prepare to bare witness to the genital insanity that is Chatterbox.

Horror Boobs is a collective devoted to bringing you the best in breasts from genre cinema!

Saturday, January 14th at 11:30pm!

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