In-Store Signing with Chad Hensley and Shade Rupe!

Thursday, January 19th at 7pm

come by Forbidden Planet NYC and meet

Chad Hensley of EsoTerra: The Journal of Extreme Culture


Shade Rupe of Dark Stars Rising!

*          *          *

About Chad Hensley and EsoTerra…

EsoTerra serves up a fringe gallery of malcontents, misanthropes, seekers, sorcerers, ecstatics, jesters, and visionaries, all of them living life on their own terms and taking a carnival mallet to the head of consensus normality. If you don’t find something among their ideas and endeavors to enhance your own life, then you’re probably beyond resuscitation already. Put this one on the shelf between the seminal Apocalypse Culture and the classics from Re/Search, in whose company it deservedly belongs.”
Brian Hodge, author of World Of Hurt and Mad Dogs

“Chad Hensley’s EsoTerra fanzine was probably one of the greatest American sources of inspiration and mind fodder for the disgruntled subcultural youth of the ’90s. That’s why it’s actually so nice to flip through this newly published tome. Not only for the contents in themselves, but also for the time capsule aspect of it all. It is very much a zeitgeist-ish anthology, in what people write and talk about, and how they do it. But yet it still packs a punch. Many of the phenomena and people are still “cutting edge”. This truly wonderful anthology draws some pretty dark and disturbing elements out of our chaotic times and into the light.”
Carl Abrahamsson, editor of The Fenris Wolf

“Chad Hensley’s magical magazine, EsoTerra, brought together rock stars and demons and scary visionary thinkers. It pulled no punches, presenting provocative glimpses into a new and improved consciousness. EsoTerra was like the Bible of Extreme Culture!”
George Petros, author of Art That Kills

A crafted reporter on cultural extremes in music and art, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Chad Hensley saw several years of his writing on underground subjects as EsoTerra: The Journal of Extreme Culture, through Creation Books in 2011. Hensley’s work has appeared in such praised publications as Apocalypse Culture 2, Terrorizer, Spin, Rue Morgue, Seconds, Gauntlet, Hustler, and Juxtapoz. Making his home in New Orleans, his label “Last Hurrah Records” is proud to present Sean Yseault of White Zombie‘s new band Star & Dagger as their second vinyl release.

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