Welcome to the Year of the Penguin

WHAT a party! We had such a crazy good time at our Forbidden Planet 2012 New Years party that we rocked for NOT 1, NOT 2 but 356 consecutive days straight. That’s right…when we sobered up from out New Years Eve party we realized it was 2013.

So naturally we had to invent a time machine to get back to the present in order to file our columns. This was difficult and required all the cobalt, 75 Watt soft white bulbs and payday candy bars at every D’agastino’s in the City. I won’t bore you with the details.


I think the comics industry has made it their New Year’s resolution to “Bring it,” as there is a bumper crop of fine titles this week!

Marvel has some great stuff out this week, such as Avengers Annual #1, X-Sanction #2, Uncanny X-Men #5, The Hulk #47 (where the Red Hulk is going to fight his daughter the Red She-Hulk), and Avenging Spider-Man #3 (where the Red Hulk is dead and Spidey has to fight his foes for him).

In comics, death is but a Green Room with unlimited cheese-curls and low cal soda; where there are so many special guests that the Talk Show host on the other side of the door keeps pushing your appearance back.

Hey, that amazing X-Statix Omnibus is still around, why don’t you take all yer’ Hanukkah geld and pick it up? It features the AMAZING Deadgirl mini-series where a group of dead, obscure Marvel characters team up to escape Hell and get back in the game! I was impressed then, I’m still impressed now.


Not to be outdone, DC is brining the goods. Action Comics #5, Detective Comics #5 (Featuring the Penguin! OH GOODY!), Justice League International #5 (NOT featuring the Penguin, BOO!), as well as Red Lanterns #5, and Swamp Thing #5. Can you tell I like the Penguin?

I’d like to see a crime/horror book starring The Penguin and Solomon Grundy called The House of the Penguin! These two unlikely partners extort and murder the wealthy in their creepy mansion/abandoned penguin reserve. I figure the Penguin; as the brains; is probably using Grundy as Muscle due to some embarrassing secret the Penguin could expose to Solomon’s embarrassment…like that he’s not a hulking Zombie at all (SO trendy right now,) but just a really tough Goth.

Wuagh Wuagh Wua-lcome Back to the House to The Penguin! Strictly formal, so dress yer’ best!

Also out this week from DC/Vertigo is the Annotated Sandman Vol. 1 from DC/Vertigo is as good a starting point for new Sandman fans as your going to get. CONVERSELY, It might be the world’s WORST place to start, as the annotations probably give away many details and plot points. *Sigh, WHY can’t there be a happy medium between the immediate and the traditional?

Tell ya’ what, buy them both, read them at the exact same time and tell me if one ruins the other.



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