The Busiest Shopping Day of this Blog

If you can’t find Holiday presents for your friends and family at Forbidden Planet then you’re not opening your eyes. The place is a minefield of spectacular sundries for the geek or geek-curious! Kick-ass T-shirts, action figures, Manga, games, prop replicas, cut rate black-market diamonds, and of course, COMIC BOOKS!

You didn’t know about the black-market diamond ring that operates out of the Planet? Ask at the counter; you just have to know the password. Be subtle: “Hey, you got any non-crystal light refractors?” or “Where is your alternative glass cutter section?”


If you or anyone you know owns a torso and could use a breezy torso cover, the Forbidden Planet offers a wide array of cloth; durable breast-wrappers guaranteed to conceal your naked flesh while ironically proclaiming your love of sci-fi, comics, and horror. Tailored to leave your arms free for swinging and tattoo display, Forbidden Planet “T-Shirts” come in ALL sizes and almost any TV show, horror flick, or comic book character you could want.

Don’t see the size or shirt you want? ASK! The holidays are a busy retail time and MAYBE we have it in the back…under a crate of bootleg diamonds.

I’m checking out the online shirt database for what they have…that Angry Birds of Prey Shirt would look mighty fine on you favorite gift-receiving gal or guy.


Ask anybody above the age of 30 and they can tell you…there has NEVER been a better time to like geek merch! The amount of cool toys, action figures, maquettes, prop replicas, and super fun stuff to be had is staggering! You have someone on your shopping list who likes Buffy The Vampire Slayer? You could get him or her Buffy figures from their favorite episodes, or even prop replicas of Mr. Pointy.

You’ve always wanted to watch Luigi fight Eddie from the Iron Maiden album covers, haven’t you? Well Santa and the Forbidden Planet action figure department can make that happen!

I just watched Dan Roth on the Forbidden Planet Blog flogging Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver kits. NICE. Sold.


FP has so much Manga it’s funny! HA HA! I laugh! For folks with friends who like Manga and intend to give it as a gift, WE GOTS THA’ GOODS! For you who like the concept of buying Manga but have no idea where to start, I have for you a handy gift guide:


1) Go upstairs to the Manga Department….yes, there’s an upstairs.
2) Spin around really fast in the Manga section until you are very, very dizzy.
3) STOP!
4) Now lunge out with your rickety, spin-sickened randomness and grab a book.
5) DONE! Repeat for the whole Family!

Let’s try it now…HMMM. Something called Yellow Vol. 2? Fine, I’ll get this for Mom…and something called Battle Royale II vol. 3. Well, my little sister likes wrestling, I’ll get this for her. DONE!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to try and sell some of these Diamonds so I can afford the Madman 20th Anniversary Monster HC.

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