Unkiedev’s Amazing Stuff #1

Unkiedev’s Amazing Stuff

Why haven’t I thought of this before? You guys must be super bored of reading my crumble-down, old timey column of words, thoughts, and comic book related highlights. THAT is why the Flash went to an alternative universe and got a glimpse at an ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT Unkiedev. A glimpse so startling that we have REBOOTED the entire Unkiedev’s Amazing Stuff universe!

No longer do I live in a smelly cave and constantly get assailed by ghouls, mummies, and woodland creatures! NOW I’m a sexy alien cat burglar who wears purple lingerie and totally makes-out with Batman! That is, when I’m not living in a smelly cave, getting goofed on by mummies and bears and crap.


In fact there’s a bear in my cave now. He’s going on and on about how excited he is about Action Comics #3 and Detective Comics #3. I can see his point…Grant Morrison on Superman is never a book to skip, plus Batman is going to fight a villain who makes dolls out of his victim’s skin. Fun for all ages!

Still, I’m more interested in a number 2 book this week.

SUPERNATURAL #2, Brian Wood (W), Grant Bond (A), DC Comics

NOT part of the 52 that I’m aware of, though DC is pretty creative with its retcons. Supernatural is the DC published comic book based on the TV show of the same name. This is the third miniseries written about the show, all of which are sanctioned by the show’s creators and considered in-continuity stories.

Supernatural is good ole’ fun, the tale of roving monster hunters hanging out in bars, getting into fights with each other and the forces of evil. In this new miniseries, younger brother Sam is off in Scotland entangled in two sticky wickets, these being Monsters and Women.

S’good, fun stuff. Forbidden Planet might just have a few issues of #1 kicking around if you ask nicely. Or they might not. What do I know, I live in a cave!


Speaking of reboots, there was some mighty fine comic books setting up that impressive Star Trek movie relaunch a few years back. IDW has collected these spiffy titles into one handy slipcase with Star Trek Movie Universe Box Set. There really was some great material in there, including some Next Gen characters getting caught up in the mix. Until we get that next J.J. Abrahms Trek flick, these keen, fill-in-the-gaps stories will have to keep your Trek joneses sated.

Image has the impressive Jonathan Hickman turning his pens on some creator owned material with his first (or three) one shots entitled Feel Better Now. With some of these great tiles in my hands, how can I not?


As I told that bear in my cave, Good things DO come in threes! The three books I’m most excited for this week are The Goon #36, continuing Eric Powell’s unprecedented run of comic book awesomness, Hellboy House of the Living Dead, the all new, full length graphic novel from Mike Mignola and Richard Corben and, believe it or not, Savage Dragon #175!

Pew pew!!!

Savage Dragon is the Flu Shot of comic books: once a year you need to buy one. WHY? If the Silver age and the Modern age got drunk at a party, the Savage Dragon would be the result of their booze-fueled hook up! Lots of punching, dumb jokes, bad guys with bright costumes and flat out craziness.

This is a special, 48 page anniversary edition of one of the strangest comic books still being printed. Read it every once and a while to remind yourself what is magical about brightly clad freakazoids wailing on each other’s faces in the name of Justice!


More musings from Unkiedev, Earth’s own sidekick, can be read at unkiedev.blogspot.com

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