Life is Like a Hurricane

With the New York Comic Con behind us, what do we have to fill the thermos of our fickle attention spans? How about some choice graphic novels from this weeks new comics!

DUCK TALES: RIGHTFUL OWNERS, Warren Spector (W),  BOOM! Studios.

Comics is too big a field to make statements like “Comics fans fall into two categories.” Comics fans fall into fifty-quadra-billion categories…almost as many categories as Uncle Scrooge has beautiful golden coins in his money bin. Still, we can point out a simple dichotomy that seems scientifically tested: There are those who believe Carl Barks‘ “Uncle Scrooge” comics are some of the high water marks of genius in our beloved medium, and then there are those who say “Carl WHO?!”

Time after time, kids of all ages revisit the classic Uncle Scrooge comics drawn, written, and conceptualized by the legendary Carl Barks. Even works that stand the test of time like Uncle Scrooge, however, started as periodicals. One unavoidable tag on the toe of classic Scrooge McDuck stories is his imperialistic, western based perspective that the treasures of any other culture, civilization or people was the spoils of whichever civilized duck was clever enough to find it.

Duck Tales: Rightful Owners will be an enlightened, modern look back at Scrooge’s treasure hunting days in which he returns plundered goodies to their native homes. The pedigree of the writers and artists (Warren Spector is the guy behind Wii’s Epic Mickey and artist Leonel Castellani is a big wig over at Marvel’s Super Hero Squad) indicates that this is a labor of love and not just a cheap cash grab.

High concept and high talent can fail pretty hard at filling big shoes…but I’m buying in. Who has three thumbs and loves Scrooge McDuck? THIS guy!


If Eric Powell of the smash comic The Goon is going to draw a comic about a suicidal robot, you bet your sweet bippy I’m in for the long haul! Now, if only it came in an anthology comic with new comics from Neal Adams, Steve Niles, and Howard Chaykin. It does?! And it’s called Dark Horse Presents #5?! WOW! In that case I only have 1 question left…who the hell am I talking too?

AND J. Scott Campbell is making new comic books…IN THE PAST! That’s right, if you’ve never read Danger Girl, sensational cover artist J. Scott Campbell’s legendary all girl, all spy, thrill a minute comic book extravaganza from the early aughts, then BLAMMO! It’s reprinted this week at an affordable $29.99! Hypnotize yourself into believing that these just came out and then read ‘em again for the first time!

I would recommend that you pick up Fear Itself #7, or even Batman #2 or Justice League #2, but I DID say we’d be focusing on graphic novels. If you have a strong stomach, your tongue planted firmly in your cheek, and can handle a little bit of scary this week, probably the shiniest graphic novel hitting the stands is Alan Moore’s Neonomicon, finally collected by Avatar press.

Oh, and I’m only telling you this here and now; if you’ve never read Watchmen then drop anything you are doing and buy it this instant. No Excuses.

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