Review: Marvel Universe Doctor Doom

By Loran

I’m really starting to think I need to put more “rhythm” into my comic character collecting…

I got Deadpool before any of the other X-Men, Ms. Marvel before Captain Marvel; I own Iron Patriot and no Captain America (which I need to fix), I don’t have a good Hulk figure, I own Black Widow and Namor for… some reason and I have more Iron Men than I really need. And of course, I continued this by getting Doctor Doom before anyone in the Fantastic Four! At least there’s a boxset to help fix that now. Besides, he’s Doctor Doom. Who needs reason to own him?

I always thought Doctor Doom was kind of cool, probably because I like Destro from G.I. Joe so much. He’s kind of like the prototype for Destro, even if was a bit cooler, at least in my opinion. This mold was previously used in one of the Secret Wars comic packs with Wasp and Absorbing Man, sporting a much more “animated” color scheme. Whether you like the animated look or the “realistic” look is really a matter of opinion, but either way, this one gives you the option of just getting Doom by himself.

Doom is a pretty attractive figure, I have to say. I’m surprised they gave such a big-name bad guy a rather moderate frame. It’s always nice to get male figures that aren’t bursting with muscles. He’s very nicely-sculpted, with a great texture on the green parts of his outfit and cape. My only real problem with the actual design of the figure is the hands. The version that came in the Secret Wars two-pack included a gun, and as a result the figure has a trigger finger. Having a figure with a trigger finger and no accessories whatsoever is… kind of weird. I wish they had replaced the trigger finger hand with a fist, like most other MUs.

His articulation is standard for Marvel Universe, nothing new here. Thankfully, his coat tails don’t interfere with his articulation that much, unlike certain OTHER villains I’ve reviewed recently. I’m guessing his ankle joints were made out of unpaintable plastic, because they look kind of odd being the ONLY parts of this entire toy that are unpainted.

I also noticed that he seems to be of a more rubbery plastic than even your average Marvel Universe, and with that cape it gets kind of annoying. And speaking of the cape, it’s probably the worst part of the figure. It’s supposed to peg into the back, but it NEVER stays, even with three points of connection. When it actually gets into place, it doesn’t sit flush. So you can either have it plugged in and looking really strange, or just hanging off and looking more natural. You can’t really win either way.

Even with the really lame cape and NO accessories, I actually can give Doctor Doom a pretty good recommendation. He isn’t perfect, but he’s kind of an essential character for any comics collection. Plus, it’s nice to be able to get him by himself now. Come into FPNYC and get one for yourself. Now I need to get the Fantastic Four three/four pack…

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