Matt D’s Birthday Roller Blade bash @ Spectacle Theater

Midnight Friday October 14th Come out and celebrate my 30th birthday at Spectacle Theater!  I’ll (along with the Horror Boobs crew) be hosting a screening of the insanely epic Roller Blade!

ROLLER BLADE // Donald G. Jackson, Suzanne Solari, Shawn Michelle, Jeff Hutchinson // 1986 // 88 min // USA

In the Second Dark Age in the City of Lost Angels, Mother Speed and the Sisters of the Holy Order of Roller Blades live in a post-apocalyptic world where Saticoy and his metalhead henchmen, the Droog, terrorize the streets! Saticoy, a fetish mask-wearing jerk wants the Sisters’ crystal, the source of all their power. He sends the Bimbo With No Name to infiltrate the Sisters and steal the crystal! What will the naked nuns do?

Lost yet? Yea, verily! So come down to the Spectacle to watch the first of Donald G. Jackson’s 6 Roller Blade films!

And just to be clear, this movie is going on FRIDAY night, Saturday early morning.

Spectacle is located at 124 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York; between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street.


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