30th Anniversary Cobra Trooper Review

By Loran

I’m gonna come out and say it: I didn’t like G.I. Joe: 25th Anniversary.

While I more than welcomed the new style of figure construction, a few things were just off. They didn’t blend in with the old figures at all, the distribution was poor, and there were a lot of growing pains getting the articulation right (two words: Duke arms). But what bothered me most of all were the uniforms. I liked seeing the Joes and Cobras in NEW outfits, not the same crap we saw 25 years ago. That’s why I liked Pursuit of Cobra so much—the “ten minutes into the future” aesthetic was just awesome.

Well, sometimes, going back to your roots can produce some pretty awesome stuff.

Using the legs from Snake-Eyes, the body and arms from the Shock Trooper, and the head from the later versions of the 25th Anniversary Cobra Trooper, this incarnation of the classic “Blueshirt” may not be an updated design per se, but as an updated figure, it hits on all cylinders. It’s a case of “elegance in simplicity”, and I’m always a fan of that. Because of how hard the 25th ones were to find (combined with the fact that I bought 5 of the DTC Viper six-packs) I was never really able to army build that one. Well, I think I’m going to have to try again.

I was never able to find a single Shock Trooper, unfortunately. I was sold on that awesome urban stormtrooper look he had, with the riot shield and gas mask. They’d be excellent wingmen to the Alley Vipers. But alas, it was never meant to be. I think these guys will make a good enough substitute, even if it’s only for photo opportunities.

The head on this figure has seen quite a bit of use since it was first introduced, debuting with the DVD Battles Cobra Paratrooper, and seeing continued life on the Resolute Trooper and Red Fang Ninja. It was a HUGE improvement over the silly bald head the first Troopers had. I’d like to see some variants, though, maybe some with black or blonde hair or darker skin. Cobra’s not filled with clones, y’know!

The vest is also shared with the many versions of the Cobra Trooper during 25th. For some reason it just looks a lot better here, like it’s more properly fitted. Amazing that a part would fit better on something it wasn’t originally intended for!

The Snake-Eyes legs are a welcome change from the old ones. I personally hated the ugly knife they all came with (and sometimes didn’t). The silenced pistol is always nice, especially since he comes with two. The standard Cobra rifle is included along with an RPG, both painted in black and brown to look more realistic. I know painted accessories cost more, but man, we need more of these! They always look so much nicer. Also included is Dusty’s barbed wire for… some reason. That will stay in the parts bag…

I was VERY reluctant to get this figure when it was first announced but now my opinions have taken a complete 180. While I would’ve liked to see a new take on the Cobra Trooper, this is a pretty awesome figure regardless. Buy one, no, buy ALL the Troopers you see at FPNYC! Just leave one for me. ;)Now I hope we get an Officer soon…

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