VHS Goes To Camp @ Nitehawk Cinema Thursday Sept. 22nd

Thursday September 22nd 9:30 PM VHS Goes To Camp at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema

VHS Vault has shed its suit for a more rustic look as VHS Goes To Camp… Camp Motion Pictures that is.  So pack a knapsack full of tapes and fresh drawers cause what we have in store will make you pitch a tent.  Nitehawk Cinema is our stomping ground while Wild Eye Releasing and Horror Boobs will be your fearless leaders on an analog expedition into Alternative Cinema’s Basement.  Our troupe will engage in a celebration of Alternative Cinema’s Big Box VHS/DVD set The Basement that will consist of an array of classic trailers and exclusive clip shows.  Then you have a chance to earn your VHS merit badge as the Horror Boobs crew puts your knowledge to the test with another fun filled games show with a double D sized bag filled with prizes and giveaways thanks to all the sponsers. Finally we’ll all gather round the camp fire as director Gary Cohen tells us a tale or two about his 1987 classic Video Violence as we screen it straight off VHS. The event is totally free and you can picnic right on site thanks to Nitehawk’s full bar and restaurant.  Get to know the other campers through encouraged tape trading. We’ll meet at 9:30 PM sharp… last one there gets the bottom bunk!

Nitehawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Ave

Williamsburg Brooklyn

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a video of one of the past VHS Vault events  courtesy of Paul from VHSCollector.com

YouTube Preview Image

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