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Your mom is wonderful and cool. Alternatively, so potentially is your father. I bet mommy and daddy make the most delicious (insert delicious food here) that any human being, alien, cyborg, or giraffe has ever eaten, absorbed, processed, or licked off of a tree.

But even the most savory of dishes gets cold after repeat eatings. Rep-eatings, I guess. Is that a word?



SO, I was going to plug DC’s Batman and Robin #1 (Second Batman and Robin #1 in two years! Nice DC) as well as the latest Fear Itself (#6) and Ultimate Spider-Man #1…but I feel like I’ve pimped those books many, many times.

I am but one voice with one opinion and two hands to bang it out on a keyboard. You, my readers, are LEGION.

I’m starting a contest! Maybe you’ve read my column before and maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve picked up books I’ve recommended and been happy, dissatisfied, or totally perplexed…and then again maybe you think I’m an out of touch fusspot who dresses in frilly bo-peep costumes and talks to stuffed animals.

You’re both right. (On a side note, I am really enjoying rep-eating this pizza from last week.)

All of this content in this print newsletter, and much more, is posted daily on Forbidden Planet’s various online sites; our two blogs, our Face Book page, and our Twitter feed. I want you guys and gals to tell me what I’m missing.

What is your FAVORITE comic book that I have never mentioned, paid lip service to, or even acknowledged existing before? What titles would you write about if YOU wrote for the Weekly Planet?!

Go to the comments section for the online version of this article at and let me know. I will personally read every single comment. The best read out of all of your suggestions will get a special highlight here in the column for your fellow comic enthusiasts to take a gander at. Plus YOU will get a fabulous prize!


I can’t tell you, and not because I don’t know. Keep in mind: I’m doing this out of pocket…this is not an official FP event…just one crazy writer with a dream.

GOOD LUCK, Fellow Planeteers! I look forward to reading your comments!

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  1. Len Kagamine

    Eep. The one thing I’m not good at. Naming a comic book. I have several at my place but being an avid manga reader, I can’t remember where they are/what they were named.

    I can remember the New X-Men comic books from a long time ago. Have you mentioned that before? Yeah. New X-Men. I’m sticking with that.

    I would also say Bondge Faeries but I dont know if that cup of tea is for everyone..

  2. Unkiedev

    LEN, YOU WIN the contest! I will recommend EVERYBODY read Bondage Fairies. 😉


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