Transformers DOTM Cyberverse Ironhide

By Loran

Okay, I usually don’t got for characters I already have at different scales unless there’s a huge design difference, but sometimes I cave… when there’s a sale. Though I will say I do like the concept of the whole Cyberverse Commander thing. Legends are neat, yeah, but sometimes it’s nice to have some Transformers characters just a wee bit bigger. It gives them scale closer to the original cartoon, where there were four sizes: Short, average, tall, and HOLYCRAPHUGE. Of course, characters would sometimes change between those scales depending on the scene, because I have a sneaking suspicion the animators didn’t care.

I bought Cyberverse Commander Ironhide to be a nemesis for my Cyberse Blackout. I figured it’d be appropriate to pit the grumpy gun-toting Autobot against the Decepticon powerhouse. I also didn’t wanna waste my time with Optimus or Megatron because they both have better versions with trailers and stuff.

Ironhide’s vehicle mode is the good ol’ GMC Topkick, albeit a little less detailed than usual. And I REALLY mean less detailed. There’s no depth to the bed (although there’s a reason for that) and his windows aren’t colored, not even in a different shade of black. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just mine, but half of the “GMC” logo is unpainted. I couldn’t tell this from the package because he’s packaged in robot mode…

He has plenty of weapon ports, with three pegs on his doors and roof and a single 3mm clip in his bed. The presence of the bed clip makes me forgive his solid truck bed.

Ironhide’s transformation is very much a simplified version of one you’d expect from a larger size class, right down to the way the chest folds in. I quite like spring-loaded chest plate… which led to me not being able to tell if he had a half-painted GMC logo…

In robot mode, Ironhide is very much a simplified version of the larger toys. It’s everything you’d expect, but he’s not as detailed as Blackout was. He seems really hunched-over, mostly thanks to his arms. His arms are also pretty annoying in that they pop out really easily. The doors on the shoulders don’t help too much either.

I’m not a fan of the head. It just looks really undetailed and lumpy. It’s pretty much everything the Blackout Cyberverse ISN’T. The eyes look so creepy and beady. It also can’t move side-to-side. What a shame.

The best part about Cyberverse Ironhide is his weapons. He’s one of the few Ironhide figures currently available that actually comes with both guns. They can either be held in his hand or mounted on his arms just like in the movies. But wait, there’s more! The two guns can be combined into a HUUUGE gun, one that works really well on the larger figures. Heck, I would say this figure is worth it just for these weapons alone.

Cyberverse Ironhide is very… okay. He has some minor flaws that kind of keep me from recommending him. He’s a good thing to grab if he’s on sale, or if you like those guns. Those guns are awesome.

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