Reviews: New statues and SDCC exclusives!

By Chris Troy

SHAMELESS PLUG: I wrote an article for BleedingCool covering the Capcom Fight Club from 2 weeks back. You can read it here.

Happy Monday FPNYC Faithful! For the most part, NYC was sparred Irene‘s wraith, and is currently doing fine, with the exception of some mass transit issues, which let’s face it, isn’t  something just exclusive to bad weather. The store is back open, and the storm did not affect Diamond’s shipments, so all new comics and toys will be in this week on time (in theory, after an earthquake and tropical storm, I’m expecting a Godzilla attack soon), so come on by and see what we have in stock, as it’s pretty hard for me to cover everything we get in every week!

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a look of the Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues, and we’ve recently received 2 new statues that are absolutely stunning! Representing the DC Universe is Supergirl as redesigned by the late and great Michael Turner, and Marvel’s Invisible Woman. What really impressed me with both of these statues is the shades of metallic blue used for each of the ladies; it’s sharpe and makes a nice contrast to both character’s blonde hair. Both statues maintain the excellent level of sculpt Kotobukiya products are known to have, down to the unique stands. Another feature worth noting is that Supergirl comes with a Streaky the Supercat! A flying cat with a cape is well worth the $50-60 bucks in my opinion (although a statue of internet sensation Nyan Cat would be welcomed as well)!

San Diego Comic Con may have come and gone, but FPNYC has managed to snag some exclusive toys from the show, which are nearly impossible fine for normal prices online. Both from Hasbro, there’s the mini-Mighty Muggs Avengers set, and a over sized Marvel Universe Sentinel figure! The mini-mighty muggs set is a favorite of mine, for several reasons, most of them which can be summed up as BEING SO $@%^ING CUTE!!  Originally created to capitalize on the vinyl toy craze, Hasbro has packaged 5 of Earth’s Mightiest heroes together, including a normal sized Giant Man Mighty Mugg who’s bigger than his packaging! The rest of the team consists of the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. It’s also worth pointing out that tiny Cap and Thor both come with their trademark shield and hammer, which makes them extra adorable in my opinion. The whole set is on sale for $50, and we have an extremely limited amount of them in stock, so the sooner you get here, the better your chances of actually getting them without having to endure the SDCC lines.

Moving on to the Sentinel, who joins Galatacus (whom we still have in stock) in the ranks of the HUGE Marvel Universe figures. First and foremost, let me say how awesome the packaging is for this figure. Like the Big Purple G before him, the Sentinel’s box art features a classic Claremont/Byrne era X-Men team fighting the big-ass robot by Joe Quesada. Inside, the figure is packaged like any other MU figure, just one 10X the size. The Sentinel is fully articulated with all the bells and whistles you’d expect a robot of his stature to come with, and is packaged with a Wolverine figure is his classic yellow and blue costume. I’d protested yet another Logan figure, but who else is going to yell “THIS ONE’S FOR YOU MORPH!” as they snikt a Sentinel. This is well worth the money (about $70 bucks in-store, less online), especially if you’ve missed the build a figure Sentinel from the old Marvel Legends line.

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