The Road to Otakon & BAKUC prelims 2011

By Loran

Otakon is almost upon us once again, and that of course, means many things: cosplay, buying stuff, and general nerdery… but for me, the most important part is the model contest once again. Good ol’ BAKUC Earlier this year I was so pumped up for what I was gonna build. I had them all planned out: I was gonna do G-Savior, I was gonna do my G-Falcon Gundam Double X, I was gonna do a Full Armor Gundam kitbash.

Well… a few things happened.

I started on the Double X right after finishing my Zaku F2. I’d had the kit for about two years; I picked it up at Otakon in 2009. It’s an awesome design, and, let’s face it—that thing isn’t getting a Master Grade anytime soon. I was ready to tackle one of my favorite designs til I realized something.

“Wow, there’s a huge jump when you build something made in 2010 versus something made in 1996…”

Needless to say, that one got shelved for now.

I wanted a non-Gundam entry, too… so I picked up this Armored Core kit I won at Otakon in 2008, with this set of weapons I got from FPNYC that same year. This project ground to a total halt when one of the pieces flew off into the oblivion of junk in my basement…

My next goal was a kitbash. There was the Full Armor Gundam kitbash which I started a few months ago… and quickly shelved because it was turning into a disaster. There was no way for me to get replacement parts in time, so I turned to something else. I wanted to put the parts to use, so I remembered this amazing kitbash I saw a few years back: The original Xabungle kit plus the HGUC Gundam.

I was all ready to throw this thing together, when the drive just… stopped. This had nothing to do with the project itself; I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. The drive was stopped thanks to my current Zoids obsession, brought on by finding a boxed Liger Zero at a thrift store for $5. So hey, it’s just like last year!

Enough of my rambling, however. What WILL be coming with me to Otakon this year?

First and most importantly is the GM Cannon. I started this thing for BAKUC last year, and couldn’t get around to finishing it. I finally got it all done earlier this year, and hey, I think I should make it a tradition to enter kitbashed GMs each year. 😉

Zaku Flipper is also coming along, since it’ll be fun to have one Zaku and one GM in the lineup. I’m not too happy with this one, but hey, it’s something most people forget exists (and with good reason…)

This year, BAKUC is doing an “Out of Box” division, which is basically a local division with a certain catch: No mods, no outside decals, no stickers, nothing. Just default colors and what comes in the box. Coming with me for this are the Gouf Custom and returning from last year, the Hi-Nu Gundam. Why? Because almost every kit I have has some decals or whatever taken from another one…

I’m also bringing a few “just for fun” entries: The Zaku F2, a Zaku I done up like Matt Austin’s from Zeonic Front, and my “Gihren’s Green” GM Custom, because well… I like ‘em.

This list is of course, subject to change, but for now, this is what I wanna take with me. If anyone else reading this is coming to Otakon, I hope to see you! If not, I promise to get lots of pictures.

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