Transformers DOTM Ironhide Review

By Loran

Ah yes, the “Autobot who loves to break stuff”. Almost every Transformers series had this in some way or another—typically, they were paired with a small sidekick or perhaps a southern accent. I’ve always liked the idea of having that one so-called “noble” soldier that’s really just there to smash stuff or blow stuff up. Contradictions like that are fun! The movieverse Ironhide is no exception, wanting to blow up just about everything in the first movie, including Sam’s parents (though let’s be honest-who didn’t?). He’s gotten a few molds so far in just about every size class save for Human Alliance, and today I’ll be looking at his Voyager-class figure from Dark of the Moon.

Ironhide returns to his original size class and configuration with this new mold figure. Again, it’s small compared to earlier Voyagers, but that doesn’t hurt it. It’s well-detailed and even comes with what appears to be a brand-name bumper? I’m just a sucker for that kind of stuff. He also has the Autobot symbol on his tailgate, as he should. Unfortunately he doesn’t have much of a bed, but whatever. He also has three MechTech ports and his smokestacks have 3mm clips mounted on them. Clever!

I find the transformation for this Ironhide much less… fiddly than his previous Voyager-class predecessor. I never liked transforming my Recon Ironhide. I always felt like I was about to break him. While this new Ironhide is fiddly in his own right, it doesn’t bother me as much.

Unlike previous incarnations, this design for Ironhide is much sleeker—not stumpy. It isn’t exactly accurate to his movie design, but I like it. Besides, he’s one character I’d take as a Voyager over a deluxe any day. I do take some issues with him, particularly in his chest. It doesn’t lock in very well. The way the arms are designed is a bit weird, too. The joints are stiff, and I’ve popped them off quite a few times.

But enough talking about what I don’t like–let’s talk about what I DO like.

Thanks to the lankier design, his legs are much more poseable. He even gets double-jointed ankles, woo. In fact, I think if his arm joints weren’t so tight he’d have a pretty good range of articulation. The design on his arms captures the movie design’s weird arms pretty well. I just wish he came with two guns instead of one…

The head sculpt is great. Unfortunately, his chest lies so high-up that it can be pretty difficult to see at certain angles. He must have a hard time looking behind himself.

Unlike most of the other Dark of the Moon figures, Ironhide’s MechTech gun is one that he actually uses in the movies. It’s also probably the most accurate to the movie model we’ve gotten so far. Like the other Voyager MechTech guns, it locks into place, making it… an extended gun! Yeeeaaaah. Unfortunately, he only has one gun. It sure would be nice to have THAT little piece of accuracy…

He has his flaws, but I find myself liking the new Voyager Ironhide. I think if you want a Voyager incarnation of the character you should go with this one, unless you want Recon’s weapons. I don’t plan on buying the Leader because, well, I have no reason to. I might get the old Deluxe at some point to see how he compares. Okay, I’m rambling. Long story short—he’s a good figure but doesn’t really have too much new to offer. If you’re looking to update your Ironhide or just get one to begin with, I recommend him, but if you’re just looking for a cool figure look elsewhere. You can find him and many others at FPNYC—come in before he rusts away—oops, did I just say that? 😉

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