Short packed: American Avengers, non-moving parts and 2 packs

By Chris Troy

Happy 4th of July FPNYC faithful. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be drunk by 2, bbqing and watching Battlestar Galatica on Netflix. Maybe some fireworks. I dunno, Battlestar is really good and fireworks may require me to leave my apartment. Either way, with less than 20 days until Marvel Studios’ “Captain America“, today’s the best day to do your patriotic Nerd duty and swing by the store or the website and pick up some Cap swag. We have a huge selection of comics, shirt, toys and other Cap-based merch in stock, so finding something relevant to your all-American interests won’t be too hard! Also keep your eyes out for the upcoming “Captain America” #1 by Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven, continuing Ed’s fantastic run on Cap’s book. The current Cap series is getting a new co-writer Marc Andreyko with pencils by the underrated and awesome Chris Samnee. Both books are definitely worth the money, but I have to admit I’m more excited for the Bru/Andreyko/Samee book for the insane amount of talent attached to the title.

On the DC side of things, I swung by the FPNYC website to discover we have a quartet of awesome 2 packs in, based on 2 of DC’s 2 biggest non-Green Lantern franchises: Batman and Young Justice (the Cartoon Network series, not the beloved Peter David written comic book). The first wave of Batman Legacy figures are based on non-comic versions of the characters, offering a Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne set based on Chris Nolan’s Batman Begins, and the other has Batman and Two-Face in the styling of this upcoming October’s “Batman: Arkham City” game. Expect a review on these figures once I can find them on our shelves! The Young Justice set also includes a Batman figure, packaged with the Boy Wonder Robin, as well as a Aquaman/Aqualad 2 pack. Personally I’m holding off for the Superboy/Black Canary 2 pack, but hey the scuplt on these figures may warrant a purchase for younger fans of the show.

Returning readers may remember my article a few weeks ago on anime-inspired comic statues. This time I’m actually going to focus on legit imported anime statues worth looking at. First off, we’ve FINALLY started stocking Megahouse’s EXCELLENT and capslock inducing Portrait of Pirates statues, based on the hit anime/manga “One Piece.” I’m beyond thrilled that we’re now stocking these statues, as they’re arguable the best on-going line of statues coming out of Japan right now, being super accurate to Oda’ insane art style, and retailing for under $100 a pop. Megahouse covered supporting and main characters with every line, meaning you’re not stuck re-buying the Straw Hats every 6 months. I’m also glad to see 2 new creepy Fate/Stay statues, offering twisted version of heroines Saber and Sakura in their Alter and Dark forms. They’re a little more pricer than the PoP statues, but given the size and sculpt quality it’s worth the extra money if you’re a fan.

Blurring the line between statue and figures, we also have a TON of new Nendoroid’s in stock (ironically also from Megahouse!). Being the bastion of maturity and taste I am, I decided to use the photos  2 of the Queen’s Blade Nendoroids we currently have in stock for this article. Worth mentioning to QB fans is that this is the only piece of Risty merchandise I’ve seen, so if you’re a fan of said characters, or want to see what other soon-to-be rare/hard to find Nendoroids we have in stock, I suggest you come by immediately. Whatever the cause, I hope you have a safe and relaxing 4th of July FP faithful!

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