Transformers Generation Warpath

By Loran

Don’t you hate it when Hasbro saves the awesome stuff for last?

I never really had this problem up until a few years ago, with the G.I. Joe movie figures. The last wave—the one with City Strike Snake-Eyes and Duke, Jungle Ripcord, etc was IMPOSSIBLE for me to find here (I never even SAW the Desert Viper at regular stores). Some of the figures from the last wave of Revenge of the Fallen never showed up here, either. It’s really just a case of stores being clogged up with so much older crap (LIKE MUDFLAP) that they don’t order new stuff. It sucks, but that’s unfortunately how it is. Remember folks—for each crappy figure you pick up, you bring the stores one step closer to putting out the awesome stuff!

Warpath here was the unfortunate victim with Transformers Generations, and a damn shame because he is AWESOME.

There have been a few tank-formers released since Armada Megatron that have this vehicle mode people have dubbed the “H-tank”… because the tank mode is basically shaped like the letter H. Warpath’s Legends counterpart had that, and while his Deluxe incarnation here has it… it’s a bit more forgivable. Why? BECAUSE HE’S A SCORPION FROM HALO! How cool is that?!

He has four 3mm clips in this mode (along with Z0W-333 and K4-90W written on his body, referencing the Batman soundeffects he used to spew in the G1 cartoon). Not only that, you can clip 3mm weapons to his cannon! Now he can be a super death tank!

Warpath’s transformation is actually quite fun! He’s one of the few Generations figures with a dramatic head reveal, caused by pushing in his cannon, forcing his head to pop up. Just don’t push it too hard, or else you might break his cannon right off.

In robot mode, Warpath looks like a big beefy muscleman. All of his weapons from his vehicle mode are accessible here, including all of the 3mm clip ports. His arms may seem a bit long, but it does work with the aesthetic of the whole figure. I like it a lot. He even has tread-feet, just like the original toy!

Warpath’s head is… Warpath. It’s a fantastic update of his original look. Mine has a little paint scratch above his left eye, but hey, it’s Warpath–it suits him! Amusingly, his instructions switch between his head and his possible retool sometimes between panels. It looks like we’ll be getting Hardhead from this mold. As cool as that would be, I think my Universe Hardhead with the 3rd party head upgrade suits me just fine—I like him big.

His articulation is pretty good but there are a few flaws in it. First, no waist joint, but that’s not a surprise. Second, the way his arms are cut it can be difficult to get them at a 90 degree angle, but it’s doable. He also has 5mm pegs for his fists, but the way his arms are designed, it’s hard to get him to hold certain weapons.

Warpath is probably one of my favorite new molds from the Generations line, and it’s unfortunate considering how rare he is. He’s worth the money, but don’t go over $25 for him. I’d keep an eye out on FP’s shelves if I were you, because he’s worth every penny. He’ll bring you one step closer to finishing your G1 Season 2 roster!

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