A is for Asphyxiation

There comes a time in any comic book collector’s life where they must make a choice: do I buy supplies to protect my collection or do I just continue throwing them in a dingy old pizza box beneath my dead rat collection?

Both plans have their merits, though only one of them is correct.


The obvious advantage to the dead rat/pizza box scenario is security. No one is going to mess with your Batman Inc. #1 when it’s covered in old cheese and maggots. Advantage number two: The easier it is to get access to your comics, the easier it is to share them with friends.

I always keep a couple of DC and Marvel Omnibus and Showcase telephone books around on my coffee table because they make for great reads while entertaining. Nothin’ is as much fun as old school, Silver age weirdness. By having your comics ready to be lent out in a jiff you can maximize the exposure of your favorite artists and writers amongst your pals, increasing your visibility as a taste-maker and person-in-the-know.

Further, the more you treat your comics like they are simple, disposable fun the more assessable and demystified they become to others. Maybe that’s your thing.

The disadvantage of the rat/pizza thing is that it’s flipping disgusting and, not that comics should be about the speculation, but you permanently cripple the resale value.

The correct answer was to put your books in mylar bags on boards in long boxes.  It ensures that your comics stand the test of time, protects them from the elements, helps you keep them organized, and guarantees that any time you move to a new apartment it will take an hour just to haul giant, heavy boxes of back-breaking comic books making the chance your friends will help on future moves slightly less than NIL.

Forbidden Planet has ALL the supplies you need to protect your comic book collection until the great zombie apocalypse and beyond. Stock up on bags and boards, long boxes and other essential protective gear and your comics will still be minty fresh after the last human has fallen to the famished, gibbering hoards of the walking dead.


Now that you have the fixin’s to cook, let’s find some good books worth saving!

Marvel claims Ultimate X #5 will be out this week…if so that one is a real keeper! Art Adams’ unparalleled pencils detail the action packed story of Mutants trying to survive in the politically charged Ultimate Universe.

DC is wrapping up their crazy Wonder Woman retooling with Wonder Woman #612, just in time for this summers NEW reboot when her book starts over with number 1. I think behind the office of DC is a mile high pile of old’ boots, as they sure do like to reboot these days.

All ya’ll crazy brother truckers better pick up the return of Eric Powell’s The Goon when it returns after a hiatus this week with The Goon #34. The Goon is swamp spitting, face stepping insanity illustrated with love, gin and brass knuckles.  A punch to the funny bone and groin.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go organize my dead rat collection. I like to arrange them by manner of execution: A is for asphyxiation, Z is for Zebras (Trampled By).

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