Rise of the Green Lantern Merch part 2

By Chris Troy

52 is a pretty significant number to the DC Universe. Post-“Infinite Crisis” (by Geoff Johns and ton of talented artists), there were 52 different universes established. Then there was the follow up mini-series to IC titled “52“, which was a 52 weekly issue mini series, also written by Johns, as well as a ton of other awesome writers and a bunch of talented artists. They’ll be 52 number 1 comics when the DC relaunches this September. And to bring things full circle, last weekend’s “Green Lantern” film debuted at 52 million dollars, which sounds good, as it was the  #1 movie in America, until you realize that the budget and advertising probably cost Warner Bros. about $300 mil. Yikes. I think it’s fair to expect seeing a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie sooner than a GL follow up.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but will soon for the record. But it’s been described as “Toyetic” (amongst other things) which is good for both young children who were excited to see the film, and collectors who are now  getting a whole slew of GL Corp members in plastic that we never had before. Hell, there’s a Green Man figure in one of the toy lines. Green Man from Green Lantern, not Charlie Day in a Zentai Suit ( “It’s Always Sunny in Philly” fans know what I’m talking about [WILD CARD, bitches!- ed.])

The figure line we’re focusing on today is the 6 inch “Movie Master” line. This line is vaguely DC Classic Universe- like in scale and poseability, but comes up  a little short in the end when compared to the other line. Hal and Sinstero are included in the 1st 2 waves, which should surprise no one, as are Tomar Re, Rot Lop Fan, & Isamot Kol. Tomar, much like Hal and Sinstero has seen releases from DC Direct and the JLU Mattel toy line of the past, but this is the 1st time Rot or Isamaot have received the plastic toy treatment, so that’s cool. We’ve had problems keeping these figures on the shelf, so at $20 a pop, you should pick them up when you get the chance.

Now what if you’re like me and care very little for movie figures, but are all about the comic-based stuff. First off, let me say that you got great taste. 2nd, FPNYC and Mattel has you covered! In a brillant move of synergy, the 17th wave of DCUC figures have hit the shelves, and is based upon the New Guardians, who first appeared in “Blackest Night“. These ring bearers are all established characters who are made into Deputy Lanterns and get to wield a power ring for 24 hours to help the various Corps deal with the undead Black Lanterns. All but the Red Lantern Corp (Poor Mera) are represented in this wave, and the build a figure for this set is the Anti-Monitor, which, while not to scale, is still awesome, as the Anti-Monitor has played a role in EVERY major DC event written by Geoff Johns, as well as the original “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” He does not appear in Grant Morrison’sFinal Crisis” though. You have a Galactic Vampire and Darkseid in that. The wave consists of Black AND White Hal Jordan, Star Sapphire Wonder Women, Indigo Corps Atom, Yellow Lantern Scarecrow, Blue Lantern Flash, and my personal favorite, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor. Each figure comes with their respected lantern, and I have to say, this is really a stand-out wave for DCUC. For  under $20 a pop, you cant go wrong, and this figures will fly off the shelf. Come to FPNYC ASAP if you want ’em!

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