Epic Anime Beatdown

From time to time I travel to anime conventions. While they are fun for anyone who is into this sort of thing there are some things you have to watch out for. I don’t just mean pedobear or the possibility that if you are in cosplay you may be glomped to death. No. The thing to really watch out for is epic anime fights. Yes. That’s right. Some cosplayers aren’t really cosplayers at all… so watch out! Or at least try to steer clear of the punching ect.

YouTube Preview Image

Gak is the one responsible (and getting the bejeesus beat out of him) for this video. I highly suggest checking out his other videos for some more of his great editing and his willingness to figure out new SFX to keep us entertained. One of which is a Death Eater vs an Auror in case any of you need something to get you even more excited for the last Harry Potter movie.

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