The Rise of the Green Lantern merchandise

By Chris Troy

Howdy Forbidden Planet faithful! As you know, this is a HUGE week for DC Comics/ Warner Bros films as “Green Lantern” opens in theaters across America. Aside from Chris Nolan’s Batman stuff, DC hasn’t had much recent success in the movie theaters, whereas Marvel is almost a year away from having the Avengers assembled in movie theaters. With any luck, GL’s sucess could lead to more 2nd tier DC characters also getting solo movies, hopefully resulting in a “Justice League” movie somewhere down the line. Regardless of the film’s/company’s future success, there is a ton of  new collectibles ready to satisfy potential/new fan interest in Green Lantern lore. DC’s collected library has a plethora of older Hal Jordan-based adventures from the 60s-80s , as well as everything Geoff Johns has written from the mid-200os to the present, in both Hardcover and the slightly cheaper softcover formats. FPNYC, naturally, has those books as stock, as well as a dozen or so  of “Green Lantern Corp”, the sister book to the series.

Let’s take a look at some other Green Lantern merch we have in stock that you may be interested in that isn’t a comic book or an action figure! FPNYC has a large selection of Green Lantern shirts in stock, ranging from various styles of Green Lantern and the Corps of the emotional spectrum , as well as the other heroes & villains of the DC Universe. The shirts usually run $18 a pop, but if you pick up 2, you can pay just $30, meaning you can have a Batman shirt to match your new GL one. And if you want to be  a little more hardcore about your new (or current) GL obession, you can pick-up a Lantern ring as well. DC Direct has offered a variety of different types of GL rings before,  and now NECA’s joined in on the offerings. One of the highlights of the NECA produced rings is the GL Projection ring, that projects a light-up lantern emblem. Mattel also offers a mask/ring combo for kids too! No shortage of future cosplay props here folks!

If you prefer watching your Green Lanterns in action rather then reading about them or wearing them, DC/Warner Home Video has also two seperate straight to DVD animated movies out. “First Flight” is a “Training Day”-esque origin story, introducing Hal Jordan to the Green Lantern ranks, whereas the recently released “Emerald Knights” is a an anthology that spotlights the various members and origins of the Green Lantern Corps itself. Both are pretty great movies for straight to DVD releases, and can be enjoyed separately or together without being required to have a ton of knowledge in regards to the Green Lantern mythos. Of course, if you do want some more DC Animation for you DVD shelves, we also stock a variety of other great animated DC movies and series, including the fantastic Justice League Animated series.

Last, but certainly not least, are the various toy lines that Mattel released to support to the new movie. While they’ve released 2 separate comic-specific lines of figures earlier this year, the newer stuff focus on the movie-only, with figures ranging from 3 1/5 inches all the way up to 12″ figures. The figures all vary in articulation, sculpt, action features, and price and they really need a separate article of their own to cover them. We had the 6″ inchers in stock for about a week before they sold out, so that’s worth noting if you see a movie figure on our shelves that you like. Either way, Forbidden Planet NYC is your BEST choice for satisfying your Green Lantern needs!

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