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EDITOR: Please run this column LAST week, Thanks. – Unkiedev

HEY! I’m BACK from THE FUTURE with an AMAZING preview of NEXT week’s comic books! Let’s be clear: if you are reading this column “on time,” which is to say on the week of May 31st through June 5, 2011 than this will be an incredibly succinct and adrenalin pumping preview of the books to come out soon. If you are reading this column when it’s NOT supposed to come out, say the week of June 6th through the 12th then this will just seem like a regular run down of that week’s new releases.

Time Travel makes everything better, from comic books to family reunions. Just ask Philip J. Fry.


Dark Horse has their first Avatar: The Last Air Bender title out NEXT week (for those of you properly reading this in the past when it is supposed to run) on June 8th! This mammoth 240 Avatar TP collects all the in-continuity Air Bender comics that previously ran in Nickelodeon Magazine as well as bonus material from the DVDs and desks of the show’s creators.

Avatar is easily one of the best cartoons of the past ten years, and this great all ages title will satisfy fans missing the show and intrigue the uninitiated to watch! Airbender tells the story of a world populated by warring tribes who can use spiritual energy to shape or “bend” the four elements. Only the Avatar can bend them all, making him responsible for world peace…too bad the Avatar is a 13 year old spaz who just wants to relax!


The future reveals the sleeper book of the summer is going to be Marvel’s Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #1. Yes, Marvel has good titles, such as Ultimate Spider-Man #159 and X-Men Legacy #250…heck, they even keep up the good work on Thor with Journey Into Mystery #624, but ask yourself: Do any of those titles feature Howard the Duck struggling against a Manhattan Melting Man-Thing? Gosh, he better win or else the L train won’t run on ANY weekend, with no alternate G train service to fix it, either!

DC has a good freak C-lister title to compete against the Frightful Four in Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1 as well as the continuously cool Batman: Arkham City #2. You know, the comic book that’s a prequel to the sequel of the Video Game based on the comic book? Uhg, now my head hurts.

For those curious about the upcoming Green Lantern film, DC also has a slew of one-shot prequel books to get you up to speed. May I suggest Green Lantern: Kilowog? He’s an orange space hippo with a granite jaw and heart of gold.

UNKIEDEV’S pick of the week is the latest from Adam Warren and Dark Horse. The flip of the coin from Air Bender, Empowered Special #2, 10 Questions for the Maidman is a risqué “Mature” title exploring the thin line between people dressing in tight, revealing costumes to fight crime and people who dress accordingly for, shall we say “less noble” purposes.

Maidman is, as his name implies, a man who dresses in a tawdry French Maid outfit to crush crime’s windpipe with his arsenal of brooms, buckets and cleaning products. Add into the mix that Maidman’s alter ego blacks out during these trysts and has no idea that he’s a cross dressing face cracker and you’ve got one mamma-jamma of a weird title!

So that’s the comic book highlights for NEXT WEEK , being June 8th as we’re all currently existing on June 1st, right? I sure hope Forbidden Planet don’t screw this up and fail to travel back in time to publish this in June 1st’s Daily Planet…because that would look like I missed a column and Unkiedev would NEVER miss a deadline.

Unless I missed it in the past by a mistake in the future, and then it’s perfectly understandable and also not my fault. See what I did there?

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