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Though he’s never had a great movie, the Incredible Hulk has had some amazing comics. Here’s a quick guide to stocking up your library with some tomes guaranteed to smash boredom like a cardboard wall!

ESSENTIAL INCREDIBLE HULK VOL. 1, Jack Kirby/Various (A) Stan Lee (A), Marvel

Like the leader’s bulbous head, this is a good jumping on point! HULK SMASH LEADER!

Essential Incredible Hulk is simply that, an absolute indispensable tome of fun for anybody serious about the Hulk or comic books. This book is the essence of silver age comics: ideas and action front and center as story and continuity take to the back seat. In any given issue the miracle team of Stan and Jack will rewrite the Hulk’s origin, powers or limitations in order to suit the story. Though reprinted in black and white, the Hulk originally appeared Gray for a while before turning green…who cares about consistency when you’re having a blast?!

Why buy this? NO OTHER comic has as much entertainment page per page.  Removed from creative restraints, Essential Incredible Hulk is what happens when two greats throw together stories about a rampaging monster with a heart. Hulk battles aliens, communists, and other flaky freaks as he struggles to clear his name and win the girl. A sheer blast, and more enjoyment than you should be allowed to have for this price!

ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK, Leinil Francis Yu(A), David Lindelof(W), Marvel

Fun fun fun! David Lindelof, superstar TV writer behind LOST knocks out a script where anything goes as Wolverine hunts down the Hulk at the bequest of Samuel L. Jackson, a.k.a. Nick Fury. Leinil Francis Yu captures all the insanity with a style unequaled in comics today…and if you think this collection will not be made into a summer blockbuster some day you are very much mistaken.

Want to see Wolverine fight a panda? How about the Hulk’s secret Tibetan harem?  Every panel of this comic is packed with crazy, monster punchin’ wackyness as the toughest Canadian mutant takes on the jade giant in an all out, torso ripping romp of epic proportions! Oops! Spoilers!

As a Hulk story it also captures many of the nobler aspects to the mythos: Bruce Banner as repentant sinner, struggling with the actions of his alter ego. The Hulk as blind rage, caught between lashing out and seeking shelter for his unquenchable anger and loneliness.


There is so much good Hulk it’s hard to pick and choose. Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk by Greg Pak is a rare glimpse into the Hulk’s happiest times. Set in an alien culture where being a lumbering, unstoppable green crushing machine is a GOOD THING, Planet Hulk shows again why the Hulk is an enduring Anti-Hero.

The latest series Hulk Vol. 1-3 is great stuff, too! Written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by the brilliant Ed McGuinness, this new Hulk series focuses on a new Red Hulk who hates and reviles anyone and everything…especially the classic Hulk! Who is the Red Hulk? Who cares, as long as he keeps punching EVERYBODY in the Marvel ghoulies!

The Hulk can be touching and he can be good face punching fun! Release your inner monster and belly up to some rip-snorting, gut-busting good times by adding a few Hulk trades to your collection. They’re all available here at Forbidden Planet, and who knows; they may save your life should you ever be trapped near a Gamma bomb explosion and need a few survival tips!

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