D-arts Mega Man X Review

By Loran

You know how I said I wasn’t a big comic book fan as a kid? Weeeell, the same could sort of be said towards a lot of video games. I have a Playstation, yes, but I didn’t have nearly as many games as some of my friends did. I never had a Nintendo system aside from the Game Boy and its descendants. But there was one character I always took a bit of an interest in… and it wasn’t through the games. It was a certain cartoon series that turned me onto him.

Yeah. The 90’s Mega Man cartoon. It was hokey as all hell, but I liked it. I actually got an original copy of Mega Man X and played through most of it a few months ago.

You can bet I was excited when this guy got announced.

The D-Arts Mega Man X is just what the fans have been asking for—a fully poseable X figure that looks like the robot we all know and love. It sure as hell delivers. Some people have complained a bit about the proportions, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

Being a simple design, X doesn’t have a lot of sculpted detail. But hey—there’s elegance in simplicity, and Mega Man designs were always good for that. It just works. I really think throwing on all sorts of panel lines on a design like this would just ruin it.

The boosters on his feet and his forehead and “ears” come in translucent red plastic. Very awesome.

His articulation is nothing short of fantastic. I’m amazed at how well his double-jointed shoulders and knees look—it’d make my Kamen Riders jealous! Even his feet are double jointed, making balancing super easy. The only area that needs improvement is the waist, but really, he doesn’t need to sit down! He’s got hordes of annoying cannonfodder enemies to destroy!

X comes with three faces—angry, angrier, and angriest. Yeah, I would’ve liked one that was a bit more… neutral, but that’s pretty much how he always looked in the games. You have to remove the front part of his helmet then put in whatever face you want. I wish they gave you a second helmet front, though. That way you could give him a 1-up!

Of course, he’s got the X Buster. This goes on his arm by replacing the standard forearm. This, too, has some awesome translucent red plastic. I love it. He even comes with two effect parts, but to get those in you’ll now have to swap the actual cannon part. One represents a charged shot, and the other is three shots fired while falling from a jump. At first I thought it was oddly specific, then I realized just how many times that happens in the game…

X has a limited hand selection, but it’s all he really needs—two open hands and two fists. His articulation is so good that he can actually hold his upper right arm with his left hand. It looks pretty badass, especially with the charged shot part. However, the charged shot is kind of a heavy piece, so be careful-you’ll really have to balance him.

One huge annoyance this figure has is the joint covers-they come loose WAY too easily, and getting them to stick in place is kind of hard.

Curiously, X’s legs are able to come off. Fans speculate that this may be leading to a possible armor upgrade for X down the line, but I’m not quite sure. I’d certainly love one, but I’m just worried about how much such a thing might end up costing…

I think it’s safe to say that even if you’re just a casual Mega Man fan like I am, you’ll love this figure. He’s super-poseable, looks awesome, and has some fun accessories. I just wish there was someone for him to fight at his scale—he’s too short for SH Figuarts. A shame, but it shouldn’t deter you from buying him. When FP gets him in stock, make sure you grab him when you can… he’s gonna go fast!

Now to wait for Zero…

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