The Weird, Esoteric, and Confusing Wold of Comic Book Collecting

By Unkiedev

Did you go see THOR this weekend? Want to start reading the comic? Marvel and Forbidden Planet have you covered, bunky! Here it is: Journey Into Mystery #623! No, Thor’s comic book isn’t called Thor; that would make too much sense. No, Thor isn’t on the cover to his comic book this week…one cover has Loki and the other cover features Wolverine of the X-men for some reason.

Listen, I know it’s weird, esoteric, and confusing. Welcome to comic book collecting!  While we’re at it, let’s look at some other great books out this week:

DC has a plethora of fine titles, but might I make some recommendations? In the Bat books we have Batgirl #21 where the young batlass struggles with the price of side-kicks and hangers-on in the form of shotgun-toting vigilante the Grey Ghost. Seeing as how Batgirl is a sidekick/hanger-on herself, this should be interesting!

Then there’s Batman: Arkham City #1, the comic book sequel to the hit video-game that’s based on the comic book. Weird, but true. There’s a new Batman game in the works, and this comic is going to set it all up. New Characters, new scenarios, and lots of stealthy face punching! KER-POW! CRUNCH!

Finally, Flash #12 sets up DC’s summer event, Flashpoint, as seen in the eponymous Flashpoint #1; both available this week. The Flash: it’s a fast read.


On the independent publishers’ front, IDW has some great stuff: G.I. JOE 2 #1 begins the COBRA civil war where they pick a new leader based on how many Joes they can ice. Nice. Spike #8 wraps up the adventures of Buffy’s Blonde bitey boyfriend. Vampires, spaceships, and bugs…I kid you not.

Antarctic Press may have put the cherry on top of the zombie comic books’ trend with their offering of Zombie Fairy-Tales One Shot. Expect little girls, elves, and magical talking cookies besieged by shambling mounds of decaying, animated flesh shaped like The Big Bad Wolf, the Billy Goats Gruff, and all your favorites! TOO AWFUL to pass up!

And while we’re on the subject of things not to pass up, be sure to snag the new Hellboy from Dark Horse, Hellboy: Being Human from Mignola and Corben.


Astonishing X-Men #37 has the X-men battle Fin Fang Foom. Lord Foom is easily the coolest giant lizard in comic books. Incredible Hulks #628 has a dust up t’wix husband and wife Betty Ross a.k.a Red She-hulk and Bruce Banner, a.k.a. Green He-Hulk. I’d like to see a cross dressing super hero who bases himself off the Sensational She-Hulk Jen Walters who calls himself the Savage He-She-Hulk, but I’m probably alone in that regard.

Amazing Spider-Man #660 has Dan Slott and pals serving heaping spoonfulls of Spidey. Once a guy with no team, Spidey is now in the re-imagined Fantastic Four as well as the Avengers; both New and Regular. This is important, as a reformed league of his deadliest foes named the Sinister Six will learn what it means when their web-slinging nemesis has “Back-Up.”

Speaking of the Future Foundation, their latest outing is also available this week: FF #3.

I hope you had ­­­­a fun Free-Comic Book Day. I hope you had fun at THOR. Now it’s time to get back to the serious business of what comic book collecting is all about:  HAVING FUN reading amazing comic books! See you next Wednesday!

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