Starting Tonight! Hobo With A Shotgun with Director Q&A

When Shawn Lewis of Rotten Cotton/Black Devil Doll fame told me I had to see Hobo With A Shotgun, I knew that I was in for the real deal and not some “Grindhouse” cash-in, like so many seem to be trying to do lately.  Shawn is a no BS kinda guy, which you could tell by looking at Rotten Cotton’s hate-mail responses.  Anyway, the man was 100% right and I loved every blood-soaked minute of it.

Anyone who is remotely interested probably knows the amazing story behind director Jason Eisener’s success… Which I will not get into cause you can read it all in the newest issue of Rue Morgue available right here at Forbidden Planet. (shameless!)

What I will tell you is to clear your schedule this weekend for a double dose of exploitation madness, cause Hobo With A Shotgun is coming to The Village East Cinema.  The director will be in attendance, and there will be special Q&A’s at each midnight screening moderated by respected genre personalities Jeff Lieberman (Friday) and William Lustig (Saturday).  There is also a Hobo costume contest, so throw on your worst and make a night of it!

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