Less Than 2 Weeks till the Slime City Massacre DVD Release Party

Here is the updated poster for the Slime City Massacre DVD release party we are throwing on Friday May 13th.

You can also pre-order the DVD on our website by clicking on the picture below.

Here is some info on upcoming Slime City events straight from the horse’s mouth… Greg Lamberson is the horse by the way.

Lloyd Kaufman is joining myself, Debbie Rochon, Mary Huner-Bogle, SFX artists Rod Durick and Craig Lindberg, and mercenaries Nelson Wakefield, Tommy Sweeney, Eric Mache, and Nick Anderson at the SLIME CITY MASSACRE DVD launch at Forbidden Planet on Friday the 13th of May, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm.

Four days earlier, on Monday, May 9th, I’m holding a double feature screening of SLIME CITY and SLIME CITY MASSACRE at the Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre, 639 Main Street in Buffalo, to benefit Benjamin Heppel, an 8 year old local boy diagnosed with Leukemia. Admission is only $8.00, with all proceeds going to Benjamin’s family. There will be door prizes and a (cheap!) raffle. Donors include Anomaly FX, Bad Moon Books, Cult Goddess Magazine, Fangoria, Fright Rags, Medallion Press, POP Cinema, Rue Morgue, Wild East Productions, and more authors, editors, and filmmakers than I can list! I want to thank these creators, publishers, and distributors for their generosity.

Later, on Saturday, June 4th, Brooke Lewis and Robert Sabin will be signing SCM DVDs at Dark Delicacies in LA from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. I don’t know if I can make that one (we’re planning a family trip to NYC so I can spend at least one day at the Stokers on Long Island), but it is a possibility.

So get excited, cause I sure as hell am!!!

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