Dark Horse Set To Bring The US Lastest CLAMP Manga!

Over the years Dark Horse has done a fantastic job of bringing American fans the best in manga and translated novels (like the Vampire Hunter D series, one of my very favorite series). It’s no secret that they’ve done more than bring us the latest volumes of what you could classify as heavyweight and/or classic titles. Heavyweight classics like the omnibus collections of past series from the manga-ka (Japanese comic artist) super group CLAMP that have been released to US fans over the past months.

While this is all fantastic there is some more exciting news! Dark Horse is set to bring us brand spanking new manga from CLAMP. That’s right. Brand new. The series is called Gate 7 and it’s set to tell the story of an awkward teenage boy named Chikahito Takamoto who stumbles through a portal to a magical world via a legendary shrine. Turns out he meets some lovely magical ladies who’s powers don’t seem to work on him! Well if this doesn’t spell the beginnings CLAMP shenanigans I have no idea what does.

Even better? According to a report on ANN we’re supposed to get the first volume (192 pages) for $10.99 in October! That’s a pretty great turn around for a new series by such a notable group. CLAMP revealed the new series on their website April 25th.

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