Power Core Combiners

By Loran

Well, it’s sad to say, but it doesn’t look like the Power Core Combiner line is going to be continuing. It wasn’t the most popular Transformers subline in recent years, but it feels like the line got axed just as it was getting good. It really seems like that this has been happening with far too many toylines in the past few years, but such is life, I guess. I was really hoping to see a combiner limb that turned into a motorcycle, or the Dinobots repainted as Dinoking from Victory!

While Leadfoot here may not be one of the line’s last releases, his redeco Over-run is. If you think about it, we don’t actually see many Formula-1 racers in Transformers anymore. I think the last NEW character with a NEW mold that transformed into one of these were the Minicons Mirage and Swindle from Armada. It’s a shame to see such a cool alt-mode type get so ignored recently.

Like most Power Core Combiners, Leadfoot’s vehicle mode has some obvious futuristic touches, namely the exhaust ports and the covered cockpit. His spoiler has BLACKROCK written on it, a great nod to GB Blackrock from the old Marvel comics. Sadly, all four of his PCC ports are visible, but at least they all end up in the back. He has one rather uncomfortably-placed Minicon port on his front hood, which of course stores away. There is some empty space, but it’s not as bad as some of the other releases recently.

Some parts of Leadfoot’s transformation remind me of another F-1 Transformer: Slapdash! They’re pretty subtle, but I get the feeling the designers were somewhat inspired by him more than the original Leadfoot from G2, something that becomes VERY apparent when you get to his Minicon.

Leadfoot has some seriously tight joints that make his transformation kind of frustrating, and that also becomes apparent when you put him in torso mode. Still, his robot mode is nice, and has some pretty decent articulation. I love the way his hands are formed from the vehicle mode’s exhaust ports, but that means he’s kind of restricted with what weapons he can hold. It’s still a very cool stylistic choice. He also has his PCC ports located right under his hands, so you could repurpose some limbs as weapons for him!

Pinpoint is Leadfoot’s little Minicon buddy. Unlike most recent Minicons, this guy seems more like a Powermaster than a Targetmaster, right down to his proportions. He has a “beefier” build than most Minicons, and his proportions are much better than some of his counterparts.

As great as his robot mode is, his weapon mode is terrible. Thankfully, he makes up for this by having the best “Power Up Armor” mode I’ve seen so far. See what I mean about the Powermaster homage? He even transforms like one! I’d actually say Pinpoint is one of my favorite Minicon molds in this entire line.

Leadfoot’s torso mode is pretty cool as well, but those damn tight joints make it kind of annoying to get him in this mode. The “Commander” head is totally badass, again looking like a Cyberjet from G2. I just love that visored look! I’d keep him displayed in this mode, but first, I need to get the Rallybots. I just… really don’t want Double Clutch.

Leadfoot is a pretty damn solid entry in the Power Core Combiner line, even coming with a pretty cool Minicon that I’d really like to see repainted at some point. I think I’ll repurpose this guy as Slapdash and throw him in my Autobot Elite Guard unit! Keep an eye out for him on the FPNYC shelves. Maybe we’ll get his redeco Spa-I mean Over-run soon… 😉

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