The greatest comic book that NOBODY has ever written is one where toast dresses up like a human to eat all the bad toast that plagues their planet of walking, talking pieces of toast. It might be called MANTOAST: The EATENING, or maybe even “The Man that walked like a Toast!”Two of the greatest comic books that certainly have been created are Batman and Spider-Man.  Ask any little kid who their favorite comic book hero is and chances are it’s either The Dark Knight or Friendly Neighborhood Spidey.  Who is cooler?

Let’s judge them by their current crop of comics out this week!

Batman Beyond #4 features a Batman in the future mentored by a Batman from the past.  This particular issue has the two Batmen team up to protect Dick Greyson, himself a Batman, from having his identity as a sometimes Batman re

vealed to the world.  That’s…confusing.

Meanwhile The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 features Spidey, the Hulk and Deadpool being transported into an alternate dimension where Spider-Man is the greatest celebrity in America and Peter Parker is billionaire.  Hmmm. Just like they did in “The House of M,” only this time with the Hulk and Deadpool.  I know this issue is written by the brilliant John “Chew”

Layman but isn’t this idea a little done?

What else we got?

The Superman/Batman Annual #5 is some of our only other Bat-related books this week, owing to Batman being dead or somebody else or traveling through time.  In this particular issue Supergirl and Batman fight Doomsday and Cyborg Superman aboard the Justice League satellite.  Where the heck is Superman while that’s going on?

I know this article is about Batman vs Spidey but MY WORD!  Superman is too busy these days to show up in his own annual?  He has to send his good buddy Supergirl to fill in for him?  NOT COOL, Superman.  Not cool.
The description on this one doesn’t give too much street cred to Batman, however.  Sure, he’s going to go toe-to-toe with some heavy hitters, but I think even I have about as good a chance in a fight with Celestial powered beings as he does…which is to say “None.”  Kudos to the Bat for trying, but I think he’s going to be relying on Supergirl for a good portion of this fight.

What does Spidey have going for him? NOTHING?!  The only other Spider-Man book shipping this week is a reprint issue of Ultimate Spider-Man entitled Spider-Man: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility #1?

You know what? Forget you guys!

This week the coolest Super Hero is IMAGE for having AMAZING art books like But I Can’t Do Anything Else: The Art of Rob Schrab HC, featuring the sensationally fun art of TV and comic book ideasman Rob “Scud The Disposable Assassin” Schrab, as well as great comic books like Madman #0 and Orc Stain #6!  Go IMAGE!

Marvel has a little book out this week called Fear Itself #1. Guess I’ll check that out, too 😉

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