Big ol’ Wish List

by Chris Troy

Good evening/afternoon/evening FPNYC faithful (I’m making sure I’m covering all my timezone, depending on your internet reading habits.)! Sorry for the delay in this weeks articles, but I’m coming off of a move, so I had to go a few days within internet access, let alone time to review new toys sadly. I do want to mention that the recent Marvel Minimates figures are out and have a ton of fan-favorite characters like the Big Time Spider-Man, modern Iron Fist, Shadowland Daredevil and an Uncanny X-Force 4 pack. I’ll probably do a more in-depth look on them in the near future, when I can give the little dudes more time. The 2-packs go for about $8-9 a pop, while the 4 packs go for a little under $20 if your interested.

Given the fact that I’m a little behind with unpacking and all that, I figured we’d just have some fun. As of a few weeks ago, Wizard: The Guide to Comics (as well as the still relevant Toyfare) announced that they were going from print to digital, and proceeded to screw over a good amount of their readers and employees.  I grew up reading Wizard in the 90s back when it was still relevant like most print media, and was a big fan of their wish lists every issue in the toys section. This week I’m going to pay homage to that feature by ripping it off completely for this week’s article.

My Marvel Universe Top 5 Wish List:

5) Steve Rogers, Super Soldier: There’s probably a good chance we’ll see Steve sometime this year, what with the movie and what not. I’m a big fan of this design, and wouldn’t mind hanging out on my book shelf with the rest of my tiny Avengers.

4)  Modern Venom: Flash-Venom is relevant to my interests for the simple fact that he’s written/drawn by the Fear Agent creative team of Remender and Moore, and unlike any Venom not written by Warren Ellis, that makes him interesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing Anti-Venom either, but I would prefer Flash.

3) Nextwave: Choosing which Nextwave figure for me is near impossible. I want them all in figure form, even Dirk Anger, Agent of H.A.T.E.. This would make for the BEST box set in the history of ever.

2) Big Time Spider-Man: Marvel Universe really doesn’t need another Spidey figure, nor do I. But I want this one to happen anyway. That costume is rad, and given it’s in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, it needs to happen.

1) Fantomex: The one Grant Morrison creation not ruined by Marvel, I’ll take either his standard white outfit, or his X-Force version. That would make a sweet variant come to think of it.

My DCUC/DC Direct Most Wanted Top 5:

5) The Birds of Prey: Alright so I have Black Canary and Classic Batgirl already. What about Hunteress and Oracle proper?! This needs to happen like yesterday.

4)  The Secret Six: Yes, I realize this is slowly turning into the Gail Simone wish list. Not my fault she writes 2 of DC’s best books. We already have Bane and Deadshot, I demand at LEAST Scandal Savage, Catman and Ragdoll. That would be the most rad. Ragdoll can come with a stuff Parademon, making it a unofficial 2 pack!

3) Maxwell Lord: Ideally it would be the Brightest Day version, and wouldn’t come package with a dead Ted Kord. But I’ll also accept Bwahahaha-era Maxwell Lord as well, to hang out with collared Booster and Beetle.

2) Wally West Flash: Man, screw Barry Allen, Wally is BEST Flash. End of debate.

1) MODERN Superboy: Given the fact “Young Justice” is a hit on Cartoon Network, this feels like a given. Granted we had a DCUC version of Conner released last year, it was the terrible leather jacket and fad cut version. Nuts to that, I want me a t-shirt and jeans Superboy. And Cassie. And Damien. Ah yeah modern Titans!

Most wanted Figma/Revoltech/Someone just throw me a bone here people!

All slots) Kamina and GARLock Simon (from TTGL) I would kill for this figures. For real. Straight up murder dudes.

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