Deadpool Tattoo Tribute

I figured it’s time to start some reoccurring blog entries.   So how about a tattoo tribute search, and who better to start with than everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth… Deadpool!  So if you got an awesome Deadpool tattoo post it in the comments.  I myself am tattooless (still hoping to be buried in a Jewish cemetery) so unfortunately I can’t post any examples of my own, but here’s some some great Deadpool tattoos I found on the web.

Headpool from Deadpool Fan Links.

Deadpool Vs Wolverine from a Flickr Superhero tattoo group.

Deadpool Vs Wolverine (Again?) from Comic Vine.

Boobpool… look how the blade accentuates this guys muscle! Found on Deviant Art.

Here’s my personal favorite… Lip-pool! Also found on Deviant Art, check out this girls pictures while you’re at it.  She’s got a great one of her cosplaying (love that word) as Marvel Comic’s Domino!

So there you have it… my first tattoo tribute post, isn’t it fascinating what people will put on their bodies FOREVER!  So please post your Deadpool tattoos and stay tuned for more Tattoo Tributes!

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