One more reason to love Gatsby

Most good books get adapted into nearly every conceivable form these days.  If there isn’t a movie there is probably a TV show.  If either of those aren’t around chances are a comic book was hanging around or is planned.  Depending on the source material my attention span for every iteration of a famous book I may like can be shorter than a kid let loose in FAO Schwarz.

That is until I got wind of this in the paper last week. And now I am sharing. It’s what I was taught in kindergarten and it’s taken me until now to be alright with it.

Yes. This is a screen shot of the Great Gatsby video game, more specifically the title screen. I highly suggest going and spending a few minutes playing this. Notes from the about page of the site that hosts it says the original was found at a yard sale. Oh– do I love yard sales for this very reason.

Now- it’s been a while but I’m pretty sure they force you to read The Great Gatsby in school still… this should definitely be added to the curriculum too!

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