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HEY!  Comic Book day falls on my birthday this year!  Yup, your ole’ Unkiedev will be turning an undisclosed number somewhere between twenty something and some combination of 30 and a few more.  How to celebrate?  Why, A nice cup of cocoa, a warm badger to serve as my footstool and I’m all set to dig into this week’s sensational comic book offerings. AH!  Badger feet.

Marvel has a few goodies up their sleeve.  Did I say goodies?  I mean baddies! Astonishing X-Men #36 has Wolvie throw down with those big-footed Jack Kirby monsters from Monster Island!  Count me in!  Then we have a little something called Kick-Ass 2 #2, ‘nuff said. Amazing Spider-Man #655 has more movin’ and shakin’ than a bowl of jelly on acid!  Then in Avengers #10 the Hood has the Infinity Gauntlet.  This is bad…so bad, it’s good!

Still, one of my all time favorite cartoonists of all time, Jacob Chabot, will be helming the pencils on Deadpool Team-Up #884.  Deadpool stuck in an elevator with the Watcher, who will be doomed to watch as Deadpool annoys the ever buggin’ mashed potatoes out of him!

Not to be outdone, Image has a pretty stacked deck themselves.  Master comic artist/writer Mike Allred has collected the latest issues of Madman, his bizarre yo-yo flinging oddball in the Madman: Atomica! oversized hardcover.  This “Club-a-baby-seal” sized coffee table edition has ALL of the Madman comics from Atomica press, ALL of the ATOMICICs from the same and all of the one-shots surrounding both!

PLUS Image has the latest issue of Chew #18, Orc Stain #7, Mice Templar 3 #3 the COMPLETE anthology of Battle Chasers!  Joe Madureira was one of the hottest artists of the late nineties…now he’s one of the most sought after video game concept artists.  In between those stints he put out Battle Chasers, a comic that reads like a beautiful train-wreck of fights, boobs, giant swords and crazy, nonstop action.
This has already been an amazing amount of great comics…I think it’s time I got personal.


I’m a comic book bulimic. I gorge myself on great comic books, and then I force myself to throw up so I can READ MORE COMIC BOOKS!  BLoughrquoof! Huelghrarlglblep!


Now I can read the best book of the week:

COMIC BOOK COMICS #5, Fred Van Lente (W) Ryan Dunlavey (W), Evil Twin Comics
Fred Van “I write for Marvel Big-Big” and Ryan “I’m still keepin’ it realz, yo” Dunlavey are putting out the best comic book ABOUT comic books EVER! This issue is an all litigation blowout! Steve Gerber vs Marvel over Howard the Duck, Jack Kirby vs Marvel… heck, almost EVERBODY vs MARVEL!

Comic books is a business, and these two master craftsmen GIVE comics the business over the bad blood, in-fights and dynamic history! Don’t miss a single page!

AH! Another birthday come and gone. I better go see my physician about my comic eating disorder. If I can only find my lint brush…have to get these badger hairs off of my pants.

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