There’s Nothing Out There

It’s Finally here!  Rolfe Kanefsky’s Sci-Fi Horror sleaze-fest There’s Nothing Out There is now on DVD thanks to our good friends Troma.  Why should you care?  Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma crew invaded our sacred Forbidden Planet grounds to film a new intro that is featured on this 20th anniversary DVD.  Check out the intro here…

YouTube Preview Image

Oh yeah… did I forget to mention I’m in the intro.  That’s right little ol’ me, Matt D featured in a official Troma DVD release.  One of my life long dreams come true.  How was I Lloyd, good enough to get a part in the next Toxic Avenger?

So come on down to Forbidden Planet and pick up a copy of There’s Nothing Out There or just get it from our web store… Duh!  Oh, and don’t be shy, I do sign autographs.

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