Where’s the Love?

Recently it has been revealed that Marvel intends to kill off MORE important characters in order to increase sales…I mean tell good stories! With Valentine’s Day safely behind Us where it can no longer do

any harm I think it might be appropriate to ask Marvel “Where’s the love?”

A few years back The House of Ideas had a handful of pretty decent Romance comics to round out the otherwise cape and cowl crowd of books they usually publish. If death sells better than love then I can only move aside…however, let’s look at a few great romances from comic’s glorious past that can really illustrate what modern readers could expect from new love themed comics:


Everybody knows Superman is the righter of wrongs, the doer of goods and the all around personification of illegal immigrants taking over American jobs. WHAT? Guy’s from another freakin’ planet ova’ he’a.

Anyway, we all know of his wholesome and chaste love of gal reporter Lois Lane…but did we know that Superman has a secret fetish for MERMAIDS?

Better scribes than I have mined a college bound Clark Kent’s relationship with one Lori Lemaris, a mermaid from the City of Tritonis. I think she was attending Metropolis University on an exchange program. That poor semester abroad student who signed up to attend classes at Tritonis Polytechnic never came back…their last words were “Blub Glub.”

Still, anything you haven’t heard off is new to you, so if you didn’t know Clark likes ladies who put the “Tart” in “Tartar Sauce” then welcome to Unkiedev’s Amazing stuff. He also only seems to date women with “L’s” for their initials.

Comic books are so full of interspecies dating it’s downright weird. Howard the Duck dates a human, Superman himself is an alien and back in the pages of the fantastic comic book the X-Statics there was a dead girl named Dead Girl who had a few slight affairs…one of her paramours was Dr. Strange! Ew.

Another particular favorite, weird comic book romance?


There are few monogamous relationships in comic books as multiple partners leads to romantic intrigue and therefore storylines. Still, Captain Britain and his wife Meggan serve as a perfect example of how loving partners can make a relationship work through substance abuse, death, universe hopping and shape shifting.

Captain Britain is a bloke who gains powers from England’s magical ley lines. Megan is a fairy creature who can change her shape depending on mood and circumstance. Recently the two of them were reunited after Meggan escaped Hell to fight Dracula on the moon.

Ah, Comic Books. Kinda’ makes that whole Superman thing seem tame, doesn’t it?


So take heart, fellow comic reader. Love is hard, and our romantic ups and downs can put us in a funk. Remember two things: Love is strange and difficult even for our favorite heroes and supergals, and at the end of the day we have it a little easier than they do because we have COMIC BOOKS to cheer us up!

Happy Belated Valentine’s day!

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