Outpost 31

Last Halloween, I sewed an Outpost 31 patch on my wintercoat and made believe that I was R.J. MacReady from John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi horror masterpiece The Thing.  The other guy is my buddy, James, dressed as ol’ Jack Burton from Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China.  We’re Big Kurt Russell fans!

This winter I began to see a trend in wintercoats.  They all have similar patches to mine.  Did everyone dress up like they were in The Thing this past Halloween and just leave the patch on their jackets like I did?

No!  It seems someone over in the Canada Goose Wintercoat Department saw my jacket and copied my style!  That or they’re big The Thing fans too.  In that case, they’re cool in my book.

Believe it or not!

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  1. Joe

    I hope we never create such monsters…but then again, with cloning (Clowning) of DNA it would not surprise me at all if a mutation came of it.

  2. Jon

    I’m just having a technical hooded fleece made for me and will be having the same Outpost 31 patch sewn onto the left upper arm! I couldn’t find anything to sew it onto but then I got a chance for the bespoke fleece so will be most chuffed when It’s finished : )

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