Short-packed: TIA NY and various DC products

by Christopher Troy

As we speak, Toy Fair is going down up over in the Javitis Center (home of NYCC!) in NYC. While I’m still trying to compile images and info for the FPNYC  blog, I’ve already seen some of the new products I know I’ll be spending my money on throughout 2011, as Square Enix has shown images from the new wave of Dissidia Final Fantasy Trade AND Play Arts, while Hasbro and Marvel are already showing off a new line of 6 Inch Iron Man Marvel Legends figures, as well as a ton of new Marvel Universe releases, including 90s character like Darkhawk and the Scarlett Spider. Needless to say, there’s a ton of info to be shared over the next couple of weeks, so make sure you keep this site bookmarked!

Speaking of comics, let’s look at some recently released DC products. While DC Direct releases a ton of product, as well as the  DCUC line from Mattel, several other companies release products that DC nor Mattel cover. We’re going to take a look at some of these releases, as well as some DCU releases too!

Funko has releases 2 different type of DC-based product; 3.75″ Vinyel Figures, as well as stylized plushies. To be honest, I’ve never been big on vinyl figurines, as they’re usually really expensive, but since these are wide-released figures not necessarily aimed at the typical vinyl collector,  these figures are about $10 a pop. That’s actually quite the fantastic price. The plushies are slightly larger, and go for like $5-8 more, but again, bigger. Obviously both lines share similar art styles, and aren’t the least bit poseable but hey, these aren’t action figures, so what do you expect right?  The plushies have only seen 4 heroes released (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the Flash) so far , but the vinyl figures include such female characters like Batgirl and Wonder Woman, and Bat-villians like the Joker, Penguin and the Riddler. Also worth noting is that Funko has licenses for different properties that are made in the same style. There are vinyl figures based on music acts like KISS and Run DMC, plus a selection of Horror film characters and Star Wars. In terms for plushies, Marvel is also getting the doll treatment, plus various TV Holiday specials, and musicians like Elvis, as well as South Park. Again, these are stylistic figurines/dolls based on iconic versions of the character released on the cheap, (and they’re freaking adorable) so if you want something that looks good on your work or computer desk, or something for a significant other or child, this is your safest bet.

The DCU selection at FPNYC has also expanded recently thanks to the release of several new figures, as well as the re-release as several older, harder to find figures. The new blood includes the Creeper, Jonah Hex, Martain Manhunter, Raven and OMAC amongst others, plus new versions of the Riddler, Robin and Batman. Mattel has also released harder to find older figures like Deathstroke, and more importantly, The Joker. For the record, the Deathstroke re-released is masked (there was a easier to find unmasked variant that came out back in the day) and the Joker was a super-rare Walmart exclusive and is easily the best rendition of the character to date, DCUC or Direct wise. These figures don’t comes with build-a-figures pieces like the main wave figures do, but hey, good luck trying to find that original release Joker for under $50. These go for about $20 a pop, so not having Braniac’s left leg or something is a worthwhile sacrifice. Also, we have some figures on discount, as well as some harder to find older figures! Either way, if you’re a collector of DC Universe products, make sure to come by and see what we have stocked on our shelves!

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