8MM Movie Matinee

Monster movie fans rejoice, the next 8MM Movie Matinee event is going to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite big green brute… The Frankenstein Monster.

Bucko Trading and Von Erickson Laboratories Present Franken-Fest 2011 A.D. (or… What Mary Shelley NEVER Imagined)

Now just try to tell me this doesn’t already sound awesome.  Watch me seal the deal.

Real films on real projectors……free popcorn! surprises and sometimes puppetry. Hosted by Pete of Von Erickson Laboratories, Ugly of Bucko Trading and writer Russell Atwood! Every third sunday of the month! Small cover charge that goes to buying more films and to build more puppets. It’s a creepy good time!

Did you see that, puppetry, (just forget that “sometimes” part and cross your fingers) I knew puppets would get you interested.

The Where:  Bar 82 136 Second Ave

The When:  Sunday February 20th 3-9 P.M.

What to do in the meantime: Check out Von Erickson Laboratories

See you there!

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