Night Of The Living Barbies

Last week Mattel created quite a buzz with the release of their Barbie dolls based off of the 1980’s television show Dynasty.

Honestly I barely remember the show but I’m guessing it has a pretty big cult following cause the dolls sold out immediately and people are still asking for them.  What I do know is that Mattel and Barbie have actually been putting out some pretty interesting products in the last couple years.  I really dug their Ladies of the 80’s line which included a Deborah Harry doll, and much respect to who ever decided to make a Hitchcock’s The Birds inspired Barbie.

Now listen up Mattel cause I’m gonna let you know about my boy Mike Smash.  I’ve run in to Mike at quite a few horror conventions and he always blows my mind with his custom dolls.  His work is mostly based off of classic cult films and TV shows like Return Of The Living Dead, Twin Peaks and Frankenhooker, just to name a few.  But the piece that made this collector cream was his Human Centipede figure.  I mean just look at this thing, who wouldn’t want this on their mantle.

So how bout it Mattel, give Mike Smash some type of high paying, art directorial, descision making job so we can see something as beautiful as this Human Centipede doll made available to the masses.  O.K., Well at least check out his stuff at

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