Short Packed: Square Enix Explosion

By Chris Troy

I remembering pointing out some time last year (post New York Comic Con) that Square-Enix’s Play Art division is schedule to explode in terms of non- Final Fantasy related content. That’s finally come to be, as FPNYC has been hit with a ton of new Square Enix product not related to the RPG monster (For the record though, all 3 waves of the Final Fantasy 13 Play Art Kai are in stock, and are fairly awesome). I’ve already covered entries from both the BLEACH and Bayonetta series, so today we’ll be looking at what else Square Enix has released over the last few weeks/months.

And yes, why I already covered the Bayonetta Play Arts, I recently picked up Jeanne on the cheap and figured I show the girl some love in this review. In the hit SEGA game, Jeanna plays the role of  Bayonetta’s rival, which is ironic, as this Play Arts is the polar opposite of Bayonettas. She’s slightly less poseable than her counterpart, but she’s also a lot more sleeker and slimmer in term of design, which is also no where as nearly complex. It’s a cool counterpart to Bayonetta, I just wish Square just had the dual-heel guns pre-attached to her shoes, as slipping them to the back to Jeanne’s feet has been a severe pain. Also, I really wish Square tossed in a stand for Jeanne, because if there’s a line that needs help standing, it’s this one.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was one of the biggest releases for the PSP in recent history, and the Square Enix/Konami team up has resulted is something Metal Gear fans haven’t seen since the release of MGS2-fully poseable Metal Gear figures! Big Boss/Naked Snake was the first human figure released (we’re due for another version of Snake, but some addition cast members over the coming months) and it’s a doozy of a release. Retailing for about $50, he’s bigger than most Play Arts, and comes with a ton of weapons, which makes a ton of sense, given the fact this is a tactical military series. In addition to Snake, Square Enix has also released actual Metal Gears in a separate line! They obviously aren’t in scale with Snake and are basically small statutes, but it’s cool to see such iconic weapons get some plastic representation! Just be prepared to spend some serious money on them, as they range from $60-$200!

Another franchise Square Enix has gone all out on is based on the release on the latest entry in Microsoft’s Halo series, Reach. Granted McFarlane Toys has already reached figures based on the game (as well as several other Halo titles) around the games release last September, they certainly were not on the same scale  or level of detail of these Square Enix releases. Granted the McFarlane figures have a bit more selection than the Square Enix line, I favor these larger figures for the simple fact that they look amazing(as well as the fact that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of McFarlane Toys). The first 3 members of the Noble Team are on shelves now, and the remaining 3 members are due out later this year. Granted you’ll have to spend about $300 for the entire team (each figure is priced at about $50), they’ll look super impressive once displayed.

Assassin’s Creed 2, much like Halo Reach, was also done plastic-justice first by another company (NECA), but that didn’t stop Square-Enix from releasing their newest Play Art: main character Ezio. The figure is MASSIVE, in terms of scale, and does not skimp out on details like it’s Play Art’s brethren.  Just don’t expect much in terms of accessories from this figure as much like in the game, Ezio s known for taking down enemies with wrist mounted blades. Still, this is a must for fans of game!

While Square has dropped a ton of Play Art product over the last couple of months, don’t expect them to slow down anytime soon! With games like Vanquish and Front Mission due for releases in the next 6 months, and with the New York Toy Fair only a few weeks away, expect more news from the company about their 2011 products soon! And of course, swing by the FP NYC store to pick them up the minute they hit shelves!

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