Review: Figma Makinami Mari Illustrious

By Christopher Troy

Wait, another Mari review?!  Didn’t we just do one of these like 6 months ago?

Yes and no! That was Revoltech Mari. Well the first one at least. This is the Max Factory Figma Maria., she is completely different! Also, FUNimation has Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance currently in theaters, so this review ties into the newest Figma we have on our shelves quite nicely! Also worth noting is that the DVD drops on standard/Blu Ray this April, so if you miss it this week, you can buy it in like 3 months.

Wait, so how many Mari figures does this make in your collection?

I fail to see how that’s important….

There’s 3 right there, not to mention the 2 non-pose-able figurines you have. Looks like you have a bit of an obsession….so why is this figure so special, especially when nerds like you are out there with the 1 or 2 Mari figures Revoltech released?

Great question! Some people just prefer Figmas over Revoltechs and vice versa. Some, of us, may have a slight obsession with the character, and need to pick up nearly every variant of her in existence.

Wow, that didn’t come off creepy AT ALL! Between that statement and the fact that you’re bantering with yourself, I’m beginning to think you may have a problem….

We’ve established that I did already, pay attention dammit! That aside, the Mari Figma is really solid, even if you own the Revoltech version already. Granted she’s smaller than the average Figma (hence the comparison photos w/ Aegis on the left), Max Factory didn’t skimp out on the articulation or details on Mari. Plus the paint job is sharper than her R-tech counterpart, as her plugsuit is a brighter pink, and unlike previous Figmas reviewed here, she doesn’t have the annoying hole in her back that’s supposed to be use to plug her into her stand. And while Figma Mari doesn’t come all the “great” accessories her Revoltech counterpart does (a cellphone and variant plugsuit pieces that to this day I have no idea what they do), she comes with a plethora of variant hands, 2 different faces, and alternative head with a different hair sculpt.  Of course the real deal breaker is this bad boy:

This would be the reason why Mari’s smaller than most Figmas. She come packaged with a to-scale EVA cockpit, with 2 fully articulated control handles. It’s a really nice addition to the Figma, and I was glad to take the hit in scale for something this awesome. It can be supported by a single Figma stand. but Max Factory threw an extra one in there for additional support if you want to play it safe.

Alright that is pretty sweet. What’s the damage though?

FPNYC is selling Mari in store for $47 which is a steal, as I’ve seen her going as high as $60 in other stores in the city. And again, for what you’re getting, it’s a solid deal. The Mari Figma herself is, again, another solid entry in the line, and the fact that you get a ton of variant joints, stands and a cockpit only makes the deal sweeter. And if you’re not a Mari fan, the 2.0 Rei and Asuka Figmas should be hitting the shelves over the next couple of months and are also coming packaged with the cockpit! Every other Mari figure we had in stock quickly flew off the shelves, so I suggest you head over to the store ASAP before she joins the ranks of hard to find Figmas!

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