New Comics To Take Your Money

By Unkiedev

Boom-shanka! I decided the cave I lived in needed a little refurbishing so I stole me a shovel and got to diggin’. Now I live in a swanky duplex cave with a top floor, a bottom floor and a set of stairs in between…well, by stairs I mean a tree trunk with rocks shoved through it.

I also discovered dinosaur bones in my basement! What a thrill! I can definitively solve the ancient mystery of “Did Dinosaurs have feathers?” The answer is YES they DID! They also made crude tools out of rocks and wore leather moccasins if my dinosaur burial ground has anything to say about it.

On to the comic books:

Tony Daniel is one bad mamma-jamma, tearing up both writing and art duties in this week’s Batman #706. Did you know that two of DC’s biggest girl stars are having milestone issues this week…and that they’re both the same person? YEP! Supergirl #60 has some new talents telling the story of Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, while Power Girl #20 continues the adventures of the OLD Supergirl, Kara Zor-El from an alternate dimension which is really just the silver age Super Girl from Earth 2.

Oh DC, you are so wonderfully confusing.

Hmmm. I’m hearing the noises of Tom-Toms, which is odd as the newly renovated cave walls of my basement had many paintings of tom-toms, tee-pees and natives hunting buffalo. Kinda’ a weird thing to find in the grave of a dinosaur, wouldn’t you say?

DARK HORSE has their final issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 this week in the form of Buffy #40. I just recently saw they’ve released a DVD of the Buffy Motion comic for folks to watch at home…seems a bit pre-emptive what with the comic only ending now, doesn’t it? Don’t matter to me. Buffy is great and all but my money is going towards the latest Goon trade: Death’s Greedy Comuppance.

IDW has a Craig Yoe curated anthology of 3D comic books entitled Amazing 3D Comics, featuring Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and the immortal Alex Toth! Yes, of course it comes with 3D glasses!

Meanwhile, Marvel has Amazing Spider-Man #652 which – Hold on.

All of the chairs in my cave just stacked themselves while my back was turned. Granted I only own two chairs, but the effect is still rather creepy. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this.

Deadpoolmax #4 is a fun buy for anyone smart enough to like Kyle Baker. Everybody else can go pick up Iron Man #500, a beautiful star studded affair sure to be remembered for all time…or until the next movie comes out.

GHA! I am certain that a giant white vortex has just opened in my cave’s generous walk-in closet/fissure. When you combine this fact with the increasing sound of spectral Tom-Toms, the cave paintings of natives and the skeletons covered in feathers I unearthed beneath my feet there can be only one conclusion:

My cave is being haunted by Dinosaur ghosts with a penchant for new age Native American cultural tropes! Why was the entire Earth built upon Dinosaur graves?! They can haunt us whenever and wherever they choose!

This is worse than Wolverine and Jubilee #1, but then again I would rather be haunted by ghost dinos than read about Jubilee as a vampire. Blech!

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