Flex Mentallo to Return in Hardcover

It’s official! DC Vertigo is finally set to to reprint FLEX MENTALLO, one of the greatest comic miniseries ever, in deluxe hardcover format later this year.

Long held back due to legal wrangling with Charles Atlas Ltd. DC has boldly announced Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s masterpiece will finally get the ISBN treatment after nearly a decade and a half of anticipation.

Much discussed in the recent Morrison documentary Talking with Gods (which is back in stock, by the way), Flex Mentallo is one of the writer’s most personal (albeit trippy and bizarre) works, and showcases some of the best storytelling Quitely’s ever produced.  It truly is one of the most astounding/outstanding collaborative efforts you’ll find in contemporary comics.

This is especially fantastic news for me as I’m wary of lending out my copies of the four-issue series any longer.  In fact, in light of the news I’m now putting a moratorium on such sharing; one of these days they were bound to not make their way back to me and there are few comics I cherish as much.

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