A Unicorn-y Build Log part 6!

By Loran

It’s time for the return of the Unicorn-y build log! Apologies for not delivering last week, let’s just say my finals week was like being stuck in a Zeon POW camp. Of course, I just got off pre-holiday rush at work, which is really not much better. Anyway, in what time I have had, I’ve been working on my Delta Plus. I have not gotten much done, regrettably, but I hope to get it done within the coming weeks, and heck, maybe I’ll even finish that GM Cannon kitbash I had to put on hiatus because of a shattered paint jar! Oh, winter break, where would I be without you?

…actually, probably doing the same things I’d be doing on winter break…

All I have done for the Delta Plus so far is the head, some of the torso, and the shoulders. Like I said, I’ve been busy (buuut I’ve also kind of turned my attention to G.I. Joes and Transformers lately, heh…), but that’s not the only problem I’ve really had. You see, red paint is a finicky one, and getting it to look nice on a surface without prior priming takes… a lot of coats.

When doing projects like these, I don’t like using a plain Insignia Red. The art shows a much lighter red, which looks WORLDS nicer. I also considered doing orange, but I thought that would be too tacky. Curiously, this paint mix came out a LOT glossier than I expected. I guess that International Orange was a lot stronger than I thought…

Once again I broke out the light gray for the white parts, which has proven to be an actual challenge, but a good one. Seriously, painting too almost entirely white kits with white paint was REALLY BORING. I have taken a few “liberties” from my friend’s color scheme to make it a bit more exciting, like I did with the GM Striker and Full Armor 7th Gundam he did for me earlier this year.

As for the kit itself, I’m not too impressed at this point. The torso doesn’t do anything cool like the two Unicorns did, with the segmented waist. The shoulder joints just have standard pegs without and cool double-joint, and the neck seems to have a double-joint there, but it doesn’t work pretty well. I’m pretty sure I’m jumping the gun with my judgments here, but we’ll see how this turns out.

But there’s one thing on this kit that totally won me over, and that’s in the face. For some reason, I thought this suit didn’t have eyes, just a visor, and the stickers and clear piece seemed to point towards that. It’s hard to get it to show up in the picture, but behind the visor is a nice little pair of eyes! That’s almost unprecedented on a kit of this scale. I can dig it.

So far, as awesome as this suit’s design is, I can’t say I’m too won over yet. I’m hoping the finished product will totally deliver and blow me out of the water, but as it stands right now, “Meh”.

Also, I got some little toys for my Unicorn Gundams… I just need the instructions for them. D’oh.

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